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Pole Barn Coop (Part Two: The Run)

  1. TheGeekySheep

    This run took far longer to build than I anticipated thanks to the summer of never-ending rain here in Georgia. It was built flat in sections, the same way as the coop. You can see all four sections stacked here.


    I used concrete blocks on a layer of paver gravel and sand for the base.


    Here the pre-built sections are up, attached to studs which are in turn attached to the barn supports through the metal siding with lag bolts. Using rafter ties made putting the rafters on without cutting angles very simple. (I'm bad at cutting angles...)


    I used the same cedar waterproofing stain as the coop and added a corrugated metal roof. It's important to note that while my run is enclosed with poultry netting, this would not be sufficient to keep large predators like dogs or coyotes out. My yard is securely fenced on all sides, and the hens will be secure inside the barn every night thanks to the aid of an automatic door. Unless the raccoons develop thumbs, they're not getting in. :) If my yard weren't secure I would have used hardware cloth secured with screws and washers.


    I wish I had a picture of everyone running around in their new pen, but after a day this is as far as one little pullet has ventured out! I guess it will take them time to pluck up some courage.



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  1. pfost262
  2. Rural Broody
  3. Arogacki
    What kind of door are you using for the chickens to get out? It looks interesting? Is it electric?
  4. chickkrakidd
    Really nice looking run. Great job.
  5. nfernaays
    Wow that's a great size, next springs project will be the addition of a run to the outside of my pole barn. Great ideas.
  6. TheGeekySheep
    @nfernaays IIRC the footprint is 7'x15' (105 sq ft). Thanks!
  7. nfernaays
    This looks very nice, what are the foot print dimension on this?
  8. pidgey104
    Very nice
    Im thinking of buying me a Pole barn and building all my pens inside to separate my breeds
    with outside riuns
    Can seem to find any pics though.to give me ideas Right now I just have cook sheds one separated into two pens with outside runs and 1 just for the brahmas and 4 pens inside for pairs of bantams.

    But those are pricy LOL
  9. TheGeekySheep
    I finally just had to move all their food and water outside to get them to come out! And even then, they spent most of Sunday coming out to fill up on food and water and then going back inside for an hour at a time.

    The good news is, I don't have to worry about them getting locked out at night. :p
  10. Brookliner
    I just finished a new run too. It took my chickens a week to decide to venture out. The hens just kept telling me that the rooster wouldn't let them. LOL

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