Posting etiquette ?

When I had just joined Backyard Chickens in 2015 I was tagged after posting a message by another person publicly posting he had just said that within the thread after a few years I still ignore that person but also do not want become them myself. :fl

It has become a pet peeve of mine to be posting in thread only to find 40 posts after where is seems that no one has read through the rest of posts but has copied 10 other posts almost verbatim within the thread..:frow

I understand that we have become an instant gratification society with
the advent of smart phones that often are smarter than some us :confused:

The purpose of this article is to kindly ask one and all stop and read back if you have nothing new to add that would be a benefit it seems some do just post to post… :th

With that all said when someone has just joined this fabulous site yes one all should encouraged to welcome that person. :ya

Try and view the first messages please if it is more than a month since a post have been made it should be closed, if you must close look to the person that started it and tag them do you want to close this thread would be appropriate ? :bow
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(1) Are you new to chickens / when did you first get chickens?
We had 250 leghorns yearly while I was growing up that we would raise about 6 weeks then and Rhode Island reds during my working life I did not have any. We bought our home in Mossyrock Washington state 2 years ago … I am mostly blind with 30 percent site in my left eye only, never being one to sit idly by I decided we could at least have a nice garden and a few chickens for eggs.. I bought 6 barred rock and 4 light brahma as we were waiting for our new home to close. Finally in September of 2015 we closed on the property here we had contracted with a young man to put up a garden structures for us to keep tool and mowers so our massive garage could be for my BF to have tools not associated with the yard we jokingly call it the barn it became pretty clear if I wanted to house my birds safely at a decent price another geodesic dome for a chicken coop which let me add more birds chicken math.
now three coops a little one that can house comfortable 4 birds calling it my cockerel coop.. now a 3rd coop made from shipping crates all free but for a metal roof with 11 young 10 week old lavender ameracauna

(2) How many chickens do you have right now?

30 although 11 are 10 weeks old

(3) What breeds do you have?
With the geodesic dome as a coop I could add up to 15 more chickens. I decided I did not care for brama’s that I had 9 by now so sold them to a employee at our local feed store buying many barred rock pullets in the spring also 6 easter eggers pullets as I was told blue eggs would result then cruising the Craig’s list learned of olive eggger… green eggs

(4) How did you find out about
Searching the web for info on other bird breeds I had come across and google

(5) What are some of your other hobbies?

caring for our home, lot's of baking, love sharing the recipe's.. top soapbox dogs


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