Poultry Playpen

  1. ftroop
    I created this little pen as a brooder for when they are young or for quarantining a chicken when they are older. I'd love some feedback.

    It is 31" wide so that it fits through doors. It is 48" long and about 30" high.I have attached hardware cloth with screws and washer to stop predators when I use it outside. It has a shelf beside the door on top to place stuff that I'm taking in and out of the pen. It has a solid floor of 3/4" pressure treated plywood.The back and sides have a 12" boards to stop drafts. The front has a 6" board to stop scattering of shavings.



    The inside has a shelf for the feeder and waterer. I put a brick in there so they could get up on the shelf the first week. They seem to eat the food off the shelf after they scatter it instead of loosing it in the shavings. I'm wondering how well the nipple waterer works so I'd have to clean out the waterer less. The light hangs from an chain that is adjustable. There is a roost in there for when they are ready.

    I have put about 3" of shavings in there to control the smell as they are in the house for now. It seems to last more than a week before the girlfriend says it smells and I have to change it.

    They are inside for now, so I have a timer that turns on the light at 7 and off at 9, so I don't have to be home or remember that.

    I'm hoping to use this as a pen for a few adult chickens when they need to be separated or when I am interested in integrating a few new ones into the group. I am building a chicken tractor outside for that.

    I'm new at this and interested in suggestions.

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  1. Trefoil
    Very nice. Its going to come in handy.
  2. 6 littleHens
    Great job! I like that shelf!

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