Poultry Show August 2011

Me at a Poultry Show!
*HINT*I'm wearing a blue hat, black pants, a white blouse and I'm in front of my chicken Rosco's cage & on the left by the orange bird cages.

Note those empty cages on the right, this picture was taken by my Brother nearly an hour before the show:

In August of 2011, I went to my first Poultry Show, I placed 3rd. Won a hat + $12 and the professional judge said this to me, "Your rooster is in exceptional health. What ever your doing -its working." Then he shook my hand and smiled. 10 minutes after that he annouced that statement about my Rosco, my rooster and didn't really mention other peoples birds other than to two other winners: 1st place: a size C serama hen (they didn't even know her breed)...then an Easter Egger rooster, a grey, white and black one, he wasn't shiny like my bird but he was pretty too.

The other contestant birds were: a WILD and in bad shape Japanese Bantam Rooster (that people OH'd & Ahh'd at, even though he was a mean sucker who tried to fight my Rosco across the cage (yes he did, not Rosco). This crazy butt bird even got out of the cage right before the show and scared the crap out of the baby cattle, calves I think.) ... 1 Huge Rhode Island Red in really bad condition (his waddles were very torn up & most of his tail was missing EHH...) ... Then there were the mixes, 3 of the same type like Orpington X Cochin all shown by different kids. There were about 18-20 (australorps, buff orpingtons, Leghorns, different mutts etc.) birds shown in this particular section and my 5month old rooster at the time Rosco kicked butt at.

Hope you enjoyed, my next show is in April '12...I'll post then but this time I'm bringing out my rare breeds and competing in ALL the categories: Layers, Meat and Ornamental. I'll bring my Silver Sebright or Phoenix? Or maybe my Sablepot? EKK! I'm already SO excited.
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Whittni has Bachelor's degree in Agriculture with minors in Art and Communication. In her free time, she enjoys studying flock behavior and hopes to train as a poultry judge in the future.

Her favorite animals? Chickens of course! Whittni would like to revolutionize the outside stigma of poultry keeping and help economise backyard flock keeping. She also enjoys sewing, crafts, and traveling abroad.


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