Predator Proof Window with an Automatic Shut and Lock Trigger

By RonP · Sep 21, 2016 · Updated Sep 24, 2016 · ·
  1. RonP
    So on my never ending quest to add more ventilation for those hot summer days, I decided to rehinge, 2 2x2 windows on the sunny side of my coop.

    These 2 windows were originally installed to swing open left and right.
    As installed, they offered little to no protection against a driving rain so I just nailed them shut.

    After a spell of sheer boredom, I removed the existing hinges, 2 per window, and reattached them to the top of each window. I again used scrap lumber to join the two windows, thus 1 large heavy 2x4 foot window.

    I salvaged a couple of new and used 2x4s, and reframed the windows so they would no longer be flush with the siding, but recessed into the 2x4 crude framing.

    I then used 1/2 hardware cloth to secure the opening from predators.


    This makes a nice addition to the already well ventilated coop.

    I fashioned another piece of scrap lumber to keep the window opened, and as a trigger to close it.
    I attached a bungee cord to one end of the trigger, the other end to the inside of the frame.


    Well..., as designed and as of 09/14/16 twice racoon tested, the trigger was released, coons presumingly got a lesson, window slammed closed, the bungee wedged the window shut and cushioned the slamming impact.

    It was so difficult to open, I had to install a handle.

    I later modified the "trigger" to make it more sensitive.
    The window now shuts and seals with wind gusts over 15 mph making it storm as well as predator resistant.


    Closed and locked in position for winter stormy weather.


    Crude construction, I know, but I'm working with a 45+ year old shed, and anything is an improvement
    I hope this helps someone with an idea [​IMG]

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  1. perchie.girl
    good way to "teach em" that coops bite...

  2. GregT
    Looks great .. RonP .. Also like the over-all look of the coop and surrounding's
  3. Hrhchazman
    Great idea, and nice job.

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