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By RonP · Sep 22, 2015 · Updated Sep 30, 2015 · ·
  1. RonP
    If you're like most and keep your coop nice and dry, then you are no stranger to DUST...

    You can call it whatever pleases you (chicken dander), but I'm sure you realize what's in the air, I'll just refer to it as "dust".

    Now just how do you rid the coop of dust, easily, quickly, and effectively, without the need for hazmat suits?

    My simple solution eliminates my coop dust in less than 5 minutes.

    After considerable thought, this took about 20 minutes to build, super easy solution.

    Tools required:

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Materials required:

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    All 4" plastic black drain pipe and components, available at most big box stores, surprisingly inexpensive.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    These are utility hangers, I used one outside the coop, one inside the storage area, as they came as a pair.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I already had and use an electric leaf blower to blow the dust out of the coop, but all to often, I was just blowing the dust around the coop and not really out. Dust everywhere. I was using masks, goggles and protective clothing...

    This method creates a positive pressure inside the coop, essentially replacing the normally stagnate air about once every 2 minutes, with fresh, outside the coop, dust free air.

    How it works:

    Turn on the stationary blower, use a second blower to move the dust into the "jet stream" where it gets swept away and finds its own exit. My coop is well ventilated.
    That's it...

    My build:

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]



    1. Make sure you do not exceed the amp ratings of your electrical wiring. Leaf blowers use powerful motors, same with vacuum cleaners. I purposefully purchased my second blower, as I did not need a power sucking unit. New, my second blower was under $30 and uses ~7 amps. Rated for 150 cfm. My wiring can handle ~15 amps, all GFCI.

    2. Start outside the people door and work your way in. Dust just disappeared for me, Didn't seem to need any dust protection at all. Regardless I would always wear a mask. I had to blow into the litter to actually see how well it worked...I do not recommend you do that while in the coop...you will not believe how much dust is in 8 inches of pine shavings litter after 9 months...

    3. Super powerful blowers are not necessary nor recommended. You are blowing dust, not wet pine needles after all.

    4. Under 10 minutes to setup, use, and dismantle, the entire system.

    5. Very beneficial to use when replacing the old litter with new.

    6. Total cost of materials, including 1 new blower, was under $50.

    Took this video to demonstrate just how quickly any airborne dust disappears when the stationary blower is displacing the coop air.

    Air is dust free in literally seconds!

    Constructive criticism always welcomed!
    Thanks for looking.

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  1. CanadaEh
    That's awesome! how often do you have to repeat this? we are using fall leaves for deep litter and they got shredded by chickens pretty quickly.
    1. RonP
      Been using the system only once or twice per year.
      Once completed, coop looks as new...
      Hope this helps.
  2. RonP
    Let me know how it works for you.
    Your shed is twice mine.
    1. aart
      Forgot about this article.
      Yeah, didn't work for me....too many open eaves that can't be close off easily.
  3. aart
    Thanks. ...the place I'm planning should work well.
    There will be no problem finding plenty of dust.
    Coop only occupies less than half the 16x16 shed,
    there is dust on probably 90% of surfaces inside shed.
  4. RonP
    I would agree.
    As long as your fresh air supply (blower) is not too close to a return (outside ventilation) you will create the positive pressure inside the entire coop.
    Remember to wear a mask regardless, and have fun looking for more dust...
  5. aart
    Hey Ron.....want to try this for bedding change out this fall.
    Do you think the location of of the blower input is important?
    You have yours way up high....
    ......but am thinking that it really doesn't matter where the input is, as we are basically just creating positive pressure inside the coop?
  6. RonP
    Before I Attempted the build, I calculated the coops cubic footage. Leaf blowers are rated by CFM. I was pretty sure that if I could completely replace the coops air in 3 to 5 minutes, the system would be a success. In my situation, the coops air is completely replaced in less than 3 minutes. Total success...

    I just purchased some stump remover (KN03), I loved high school science class! On several occasions I had some interesting conversations with the local fire department, who actually shared my sense of humor...but those were different times...long, long ago...
  7. aart
    Never get notifications for articles...SHM.

    I am insatiably curious and would love to see the airflow...so I'd try it.
    But my coop is so large, well in a large building with other stuff in there, not sure it'd work
  8. RonP
    I'm no stranger to potassium nitrate / sugar smoke bombs, ask my high school assistant principle for endorsements...

    I just don't see the need. Every coop will differ, but having hurricane force fresh air entering the coop, well, as I said, dust just disappears, very quickly. To date I have had the opportunity to use this system only a few times, due to the coop being unbelievably dust free. The coop hasn't been this clean since, well, never...

    And, no, I have always had the main door open when "blowing dust".
  9. aart
    Get punk/incense sticks or a bee smoker for some thick smoke and go around the windows/vents to see the air flow. Once you have smoke movement out of window move towards inside of coop to see how far away you can get and still have it flow towards window.

    Is the main coop door shut when you do this?
  10. RonP
    Yes, the second blower, hand held and is used to move the dust around. It then travels with the stationary blower Jetstream, pushed out the coop through existing vents. Dust just seems to disappear.. It's so fine, I cannot follow its path out, the air just quickly clears.

    I'm not sure I would be able to capture it in a picture or even video. Although I will try.
  11. Chipper Chicken
    Awesome. Thank you!
  12. Chipper Chicken
    This is great! If I'm picturing it working correctly you are holding the other leaf blower and the stream for the stationary one is causing a positive displacement so the bad air is sucked outside through whatever openings you have. The one you're holding is just stirring the dust up. Is that correct? Can you do a (one handed?) photo to show that step please? And your ventilation escape, does it mainly go out big screened windows or just anywhere there's a vent? Thanks!

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