1. S

    Indoor versus Outdoor Brooder

    As I get ready for chicks in the spring, I keep reading that chicks are very dirty/dusty and will ruin a room in your house if you brood them indoors. My mind immediately began considering an attached, but unheated garage which stays around freezing or above in cold weather. I bought an ecoglow...
  2. orloffer

    Are anyone else's quail seemingly made of dust?

    My coturnix quail are a lot dustier than my chickens. A layer of quail dust coats the rims of the coop doors, the entire top of the 4-sided nipple waterer, and probably most other places too. It can't be healthy to breathe in, so I try to wear at least a cloth facemask whenever I am around them...
  3. AquaDuck

    Dust allergy and coops

    I write "allergy" since "what to do when you have a bad reaction to coop-stuff" sounded a bit long winded. Not sure where to post this, but since it's housing related, I try here. Anyone struggle with reactions to dust etc? Any tips and tricks? Have you tried different beddings to see what's...
  4. purpletiger

    Depluming mites! Please help! Confused with what treatment to use.

    Hello everyone! I noticed that the feathers on my birds have become raggedy at the ends with some horizontal lines on the wing and tail feathers. I'm thinking they have a case of depluming mites. I plan on cleaning out the coop and spraying everything down with permethrin. My bantam cochin's...
  5. T

    Shed/Coop Combo Design Help

    :frowHi! We've begun construction on a multipurpose shed+coop. The first image is of the dividing wall between the two, the second image is the idea we're stemming from (raised coop floor, pull out storage drawers underneath). I'm stuck on how we should do with this wall? I love the open look...
  6. LemonyCatapult

    How to treat mould/fungus in nostrils

    a couple of my hens have developed black nostrils and are sneezing. I’m assuming it is mould due to dust or moisture. I’m renovating the coop and will definitely be taking this into consideration. In the meantime, how do I treat this? I have antibiotics from the vet that I got when my rooster...
  7. MisaF

    2 or 8 chickens seem congested for past few months

    Hi all, I have an interesting issue or maybe it's not an issue, I really don't know which is why I'm here! I have 8 orpingtons (2 english lavender and 6 more Americanized buffs) and 2 ducks. For the past few months the two lavenders have sounded a little congested. They have no nasal discharge...
  8. JBirdy

    Coop Bedding and Respiratory Concerns

    Hello, I'm wondering if anyone has any input on using wood pellets for coop bedding and respiratory issues in chickens? We've been trying to get to the bottom of respiratory problems in our chickens and we are starting to consider that it might be environmental as opposed to disease (which...
  9. Chickadooo

    Chicken coop dust?!

    I use pine shaving flakes for the floor inside the coop which is 112 sq foot in size. I've been trying the deep litter method. This is my first flock, they JUST started laying. It seems so so dusty inside... Whenever they fly down off the roost it gets so dusty. Is that normal or should I be...
  10. Chick Chick McGee

    Chicks sneezing

    I am not to concerned but I have been noticing my chicks sneezing. I read it could be dust or it could be a sinus infection other than that they are fine. Any ideas? Thanks!
  11. jaymean

    Sand or dust alternatives?

    Hi everyone! I need some recommendations on safe, cost effective sand alternatives. I have 7 quails (4 buttons, 3 coturnix) that live indoor. I've been using chinchilla sand in their dust boxes and they seem to love it. I first tried chinchilla dust and was appalled at how it got EVERYWHERE...
  12. Shezadandy

    Poultry Ventilation Fans -- MADE for POULTRY DUST CONDITIONS!

    We've all been there. That horrible hot summer night that doesn't cool down- with no air moving and a bunch of chickens who refuse to spread out on the roost, though they're all panting with their wings dropped at their sides. When I was designing the coop, I didn't find anything about Poultry...
  13. Nesi

    Lice treatment?

    I've discovered lice on a few of my ladies. They share the same house so I'm sure it's going to spread to everyone if I don't go ahead and do treatment and preventive treatment for the other in a different house. My only worry is, I have 5 cats. What can I use that will effectively kill the bugs...
  14. Dealing with Mites

    Dealing with Mites

    Mites are evil little creatures that can drain your poor flock of the will to even be active. Mites can drink chicken blood, eat feathers, and sap energy from your birds, which is why they are so harmful to your flock. Here are some methods for finding and eradicating an infestation of mites...
  15. RonP

    DUST no more!

    If you're like most and keep your coop nice and dry, then you are no stranger to DUST... You can call it whatever pleases you (chicken dander), but I'm sure you realize what's in the air, I'll just refer to it as "dust". Now just how do you rid the coop of dust, easily, quickly, and...
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