This project was started by crossing a show quality Dark Cornish hen with a pure Barnevelder roo and then back crossing each generation of hens to a pure Barnevelder roo. The goal was to add back some vigor and carcass quality to the Barnevelder without messing up the lacing. The suprise was that some of the resulting hens laid much darker eggs than the original parents. The F3's are now single combed and look very much like Barnevelders. They just need a little more work on tail set.
This is an 3rd generation pullet with three back crosses to a pure Barnevelder roo. She has a nice heavy body and good lacing.

Another 3rd generation pullet

My favorite 2nd generation hen. She lays really nice, dark eggs.

Dark cornish hen F1 hen (half Barnevelder) Johan roo/ father of 2nd generation pullets