1. LilyAshley11
    I really wanted a duck. So, I went to buy they in a farm, i buy two ducks, one pekin and other magpie, i thinks they was male and female, I raise they with no problems for two months, and then my uncle give me two hens star, They had given him on before. The hens don't get along well with the ducks, they pecking the ducks, and sold the chickens. As i said, i thinks they was male and female, but when i ask to the veterinarian he tell me i buy two females! [​IMG] So, i buy a male pekin, the magpie get along very well with him, but the female pekin don't [​IMG], the dog of my neighbor, frequently try to eat they, but she can't, because they are in the coop [​IMG], my dog, a poodle only try to eat the pekins, not the magpie, and i don't know why [​IMG].

    The Two females:



    My dog

    Well that all for now, my flock don't do much, se you later! [​IMG]

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  1. chickery-do
    Da My dogs are sleeping next to the 3wk old pepkins and the 4-8wk old silkies, buff orpintons and a black Barred silkinwhat. With the cats either sleeping next to or ontop of their pen. That's how I raised my past girls. So everyone gets along. But my Also likes to roll in the pins poo, poo poo to her and me:( I'm always hosing her down. Dumb thing!
  2. DonaldFan
    Pretty girls. My dogs try to chase the ducks too so I keep them away. Except for my golden that plays tag with them. In that case it is a game for everyone.
    Nice ducks!

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