Quails Hatched!

By ethanarg7 · Nov 8, 2017 ·
  1. ethanarg7
    I would like to introduce you all to four new baby button quails! Welcome to this beautiful world! I went outside this morning to check on them as it was due time for them to start hatching and, sure enough, there was bits of eggshell on the floor! As I went into the aviary to have a closer look the dad was sitting on 4 baby quail. 3 of them are the original colour, however, one is a yellowish colour so I'm not to sure what its proper colour is going to be yet. When I got back home this afternoon I went straight outside to have a look at them and they were all running around. One was with the mum and the other 3 were with the dad. So far so good but as it is 30 degrees celsius here we'll have to see what happens I guess.
    If anyone has any tips about raising the babies it would be much appreciated!
    Thanks! :thumbsup

    IMG_1575.JPG IMG_1592.JPG IMG_1594.JPG

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