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  1. B

    Button Quail Chick Diarrhea

    Hi all, I have a clutch of eight 4-day old button quail chicks. They are in a brooder and have their mom with them. Today I was cleaning their brooder and noticed 2 types of concerning droppings: 1) dark poops 2) diarrhea I'm very worried about any disease spreading with these babies, as they...
  2. QuailsAreSmallDinosaurs

    Help! A sudden behavior change!

    Recently, one of my button quail's behavior changed a lot. This had me very confused and I honestly don't know what to do, I need some help. In the beginning of January I bought two button quails from a local pet store, according to the employee they are both females. One is white and the other...
  3. Annoyed quail

    URGENT need help little button quail scalping

    Need help my male little button quail has lost feathers on his head. I don’t know what happened but he is missing feathers from his head. He may have boinked head so much they fell of? He seems to be acting normal. It may have been the female. He’s a Australian little button quail not king quail.
  4. Q

    Button Quail in Nurture right 360 - Advice

    I'm using the Nurture right 360 to hatch some button quail eggs. I just put them in yesterday but I was looking at the bottom today and thought, what if they're feet can slip through those holes? I know they're legs are especially fragile. Should I open up the bator and cover it with something...
  5. B

    Button Quail Feather Hygiene

    Hi there! I have 7 button quail who are overall doing quite well (as far as I know!). Eating + drinking nicely, laying good eggs - some are even broody!, and I clean their enclosure at least once a week. Their feathers have looked very dingy recently, and I'm not sure if it's a reflection on...
  6. T

    Near Atlanta, Georgia. I NEED a new home for 2 female button quail. No judgement please.

    My roommate took in 2 female button quails, wanting to save them from their home of all males. The original owner needed them gone asap because they were being injured repeatedly. While my roommate had good intentions bringing them home, she did not research these animals at all, and we do not...
  7. L

    Post your cute videos of tame quail

    Are there others here with tame (button) quail ? .. If you have videos of buttons or other tamed quail which you've not posted here at BYC in the past (saw the one of the quail massage here somewhere already), feel free to post them... Many of you likely saw the videos of the famous "Sweetpea"...
  8. M

    Lost Button In Colorado

    Hey y’all! Just recently lost my male quail. He flew out of the coop while feeding leaving my female quail lonely. I’m scared she’s gonna die without a partner, she’s so sad and has barely eaten the past two days. If anyone knows where in colorado I can maybe get another quail partner or a...
  9. CloneFly

    Dead button quail

    I have 3 rescued, male button quail that are about 2months old- when I went to go check in on them today, I found 2 of the 3 dead with sunken eyes and fluffed feathers. They had all been alive and well Wednesday with plenty of food and water. The one that is still alive is very weak with...
  10. B

    New button quail hiding all day

    Hi there! I'm veeeery new to this and just got my first flock of buttons- have done a bunch of research but constantly afraid of messing up for these little guys. I recently got my small flock of 6 buttons, still figuring out the sex of a few of them - particularly two identical white ones I...
  11. QuailsAreSmallDinosaurs

    Weird bump on my quail's toe

    A beginner quail-keeper here... I have just noticed a weird bump on my female button quail's toe. She is walking fine, but I know that they're prey animals, therefore good at hiding weaknesses. It is a bit swollen and she keeps her toe slightly titled compared to the other toes. I have no idea...
  12. X

    my button quail laid her first egg and got very sick

    Yesterday my button quail laid her first egg. She is 8 weeks old. However, the day before that – she got sick (and she’s still sick). Her feathers became fluffy.. She stands all the time and hardly walks, never lie down.. She has also stopped eating and barely drinks.. She has had some watery...
  13. CloneFly

    Rescuer New to Chickens but Excited to Learn!

    Hello Everyone! I'm an (un-official) animal rescuer that brings home or helps whatever feathery, furry or scaley creature comes my way. (Much to my poor mother's dismay.) I have cockatiels, a 20yr old dove, quail, dogs, cats, rabbits, a turtle and now chickens! About a week ago, I brought home 5...
  14. Diveks

    How to keep button quail tamed into adulthood?

    Hey so from my previous threads i posted about hatching out buttons. well they are out now and i would say tamed? I have at least 3 that are somewhat imprinted, they will yell for me until i whistle back or put my hand in. the rest will follow in the yelling if someone starts it. I have them in...
  15. Diveks

    Imprinted button quail chick want constant cuddles..

    Hello so my button quail chick hatched last night, hoping the other eggs make it out. In the meantime im constantly Holding the chick. Its not that interested in food and drinks (drank and ate a bit though because i was ‘pecking at it’ any way to make him/her more independent and wat and drink...
  16. Diveks

    Shipped Button/king quail Hatch-A-Long!

    My button/king quail eggs had arrived earlier today! This is my first time hatching out quails and i’m both nervous and excited. I will be using the rcom 10 pro without the auto humidity pump. The seller has some interesting mutations, can’t wait to see what they look like. I ordered 12 and got...
  17. Diveks

    Do parrot brooders work for baby quail or baby chicks?

    Hello so ive had the rcom bird brooder for around 6 years now and i wonder if they can be used for chickens and or quail babies. I usually use the brinsea ecoglow for my chicks. But have been using the rcom brooder for sick chickens, surgery recovery chooks, baby parrots/birds, and even as a...
  18. Diveks

    First time hatching and raising button quail

    Hello, im looking to raise some button quails as pets and im getting some quail eggs from random coloured pairs so colour guessing should be fun! I have several questions regarding the equipment i will be using. The eggs will be shipped today (freshly laid eggs today), and if all goes well in...
  19. heatherbeast

    Button Quail Chicks and Feather-Sexed Juveniles, Atlanta GA

    I have another batch ready to go. :) These are mostly silver or blue-face gold-pearl. 4 2-week old chicks, $5 each or $15 for all 5 4-week old juveniles, $10 each or $15 per pair Doraville, GA 30340 (right at the northeast edge of ATL) I accept cash, PayPal, Venmo, CashApp.
  20. QuailsAreSmallDinosaurs

    What age are my quails? (+taming them, incubator)

    Three weeks ago I bought my first button quails, both females. They had bald spots in the store, but luckily the feathers grew back in a week. I was wondering how old they were and whether they were mature or not, since I am really looking forward to eggs. I made some mugshots of the birds...
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