button quail

  1. M

    Button quail extreme feather loss

    This is a sort of update from my last thread but I’m now faced with a second set of worry. If you’ve read my last thread you’d know I recently rescued of flock of fourteen quail from a bad situation. The Japanese quail are doing AWESOME..they’ve given up on plucking and they’re nice and fluffy...
  2. quailbird

    Quails for extremely flaky skin - No mites seen

    Hello, I had an awful hatch a few weeks ago in which I had a disaster with temperature regulation. This resulted in several lost. Luckily there were not many in the incubator. Three week olds include: 1 Cotronix and 2 Buttons. One of the buttons with splay and club foot. Tried all the...
  3. Murphy_the_Hooligan

    Button quail chicks violently dying

    WARNING!! THIS POST INCLUDES PHOTO AND VIDEOS OF ONE OF MY BUTTON QUAIL CHICKS DYING TRAGICALLY. NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART! These babies were hatched on Friday June 26. They are 4 days old. When I went to check on them this afternoon, I found the mother sitting on all 4 of the babies...
  4. O

    New Button Quail Chicks

    I just got 10 button quail chicks 2 days ago. They had just come out of the incubator that day. I’m struggling to get them to eat and drink? I don’t know if I’m expecting them to eat and drink more than they’re going to? They’re currently just curled up together by the heat lamp not doing much...
  5. P

    Button quail chicks handling

    Hi i have just hatched two button quail chicks who are quite skittish and needed some advice. Should i pick them up regularly to socialise them or not as when i have they got very scared and hid. How should i tame them without scaring them too much. I would really like to have a good...
  6. Qualien

    Button quail gender

    Wondering if anyone can help me figure out what gender these buttons are. They're almost 7 weeks old. The third on im sure is a male, but does anyone know what his coloring would be called? As a chick he was yellow. Pics 1&2 are one bird, pics 3&4 are one bird, pic 5 is one bird, and 6 7 & 8...
  7. Quailbert Quailington

    What do I do about this button chick's feet???

    Need some help with my one button quail chick's feet. I sent these photos to my avian vet, who said "Infection, likely septic arthritis, can happen from a yolk sac infection, could be from pecking or other trauma." However she is off this weekend and I haven't heard back from her about what to...
  8. I

    injured quail leg please help

    about two hours ago i checked in on my week old button quail to see one of them limping. she is running around and seems to be perfectly fine except one of her legs is at an angle and instead of walking on her foot she is using her whole leg. this is the best photo i could get i would really...
  9. S

    Need help with quail eggs

    I am including one quail egg at the moment as our hen stopped all of a sudden and she was only successful with one egg out of 12 so are not sure how far long it is But we saw quite a big chick when candling it and it was moving a lot so a day later we put it in lockdown because we guessed from...
  10. Qualien

    Shrink wrapped chicks

    I'm hatching button quail. So far three have hatched, and one is shrink wrapped still in the egg. My incubator is fairly difficult to keep the humidity regulated. Two of my hatched chicks hatched on their own, but one I assisted in hatching because it was shrink wrapped. I'm following the...
  11. aticiabray

    Button Quail - Seeking Info

    Hello all. I have been thinking about getting some button quail and not having a ton of luck finding care info. I have some basic knowledge but my main question is how to house them indoors and if that is ok or not. If it is ok to house them indoors, what kind of set up would I do? I am...
  12. Pigglebottoms

    Button Quail Question

    Hi! I have been researching Button Quail with the intention of getting chicks in a few months. However, plans have changed and sometime over the next few days I'm supposed to be picking up three little ones that are supposedly a little over a year (picture attached). They will get a whole new...
  13. Songbird21

    Our newly hatched button quails!

    We got some button quail hatching eggs and they hatched today. OMG. They are so friggin tiny. The eggs these babies are standing next to are chicken eggs, for a size reference. I can't wait for the 24 hours to be over so I can hold one!!
  14. 2 many chickens

    What color is this button quail? Strange coloring

    I have a button (king) quail that hatched 6 weeks ago. I have many (over 30) and none have ever looked like this. He has two sisters that hatched with him, they look like him but obviously no white bib and no red or blue feathers. He has female red breasted color pattern.. but he is a male...
  15. D

    How to keep your quail's feet clean?

    This is my first time owning quail, and I've loved every second of it, except for this one problem. It always seems that my button quail keep getting their own poop stuck on their claws, turning them into little orbs of fecal matter and feathers hanging off their feet until I clean it. I've had...
  16. Pennys Mama

    Wanted: Button eggs for hatching

    Looking for Button hatching eggs. Would be my 1st Button Hatch, so would like to take it easy on my 1st batch. (Is this posted in the right place?)
  17. M

    button quail incubating and set up

    hi, i’m going to be incubating button quail eggs (friends gave them to me but their most likely not fertile) and i would like to know about a set up, food, water etc. i heard they like baths, and would they need more ground space or height? also what set up should i use because i have 3 ten...
  18. J

    My button quail is sick, what do I do?

    Hi! Before I talk about my button quail, some background info. One of my hens had hurt her foot. I’m not sure how, but I noticed it about 3 weeks ago. There was a large scab on her leg, and some of her toe nails are either missing/regrowing or bloody. I trim the nails every now and then when...
  19. Quailbert Quailington

    Cage cleaning with a brooding hen...?

    I keep my Button Quail in one of those giant sterilite containers, which I've modified. Usually my buttons have no interest in sitting on their own eggs, but recently, my sweet little Hen Wen (yes I named my quail after the pig from the Black Cauldron) has been sitting on six eggs. Welp, the...
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