1. Bird_Lover_17

    Flock Party Opinions

    Hi, I got a flock party waterer, and I prefer it over harris farm's brand. The plastic is thicker and I prefer blue over red. What are your thoughts? APPLIES TO ANY BIRD! :) 🦢🦆🐣🐓🦃
  2. K

    Tom or hen?

    This is our first time owning turkeys and we aren’t exactly sure how to sex them or when we can. They are 11/12 weeks old! They get big and poofy for a few seconds and hiss?
  3. Missjlee4377

    Purple Hair Poultry: The Journey

    I just have to get this out to SOMEONE! Bear with me this first post is a condensed 7 week journey... So here me out, I'm green at this chicken business. I feel like I've moved my way up the ranks you know? Crazy Cat Lady to Plant Lady and now (holy sh*t I have a farmhouse and property, this is...
  4. cityfarmer12

    How to keep turkey's in the yard???

    Hey yall! So I am the proud owner of a lovely trio of Narragansett Turkey's. They are about a year old. I live on about an acre of land in the middle of a neighborhood in the middle of a giant city. There is about half an acre fenced off for my poultry to run around on, and I have 11 chickens...
  5. Rural-urbanite

    Turkeys Coming To Roost

    I have had turkeys and chickens. They were never housed together, or even mingled together (I’m a stickler for biosecurity and npip recommendations)🤓😄👍. One thing that always sucked, was that the turkeys ALMOST NEVER returned to their giant turkey-friendly coop when the sun set—and the random...
  6. SWilliams1010

    1 week old

    Hi there! I have recently incubated chicks, turkeys, and ducks - 30 all together. I have someone who wants to give me an emu that is about a week old. Does anyone have any experience raising an emu with different breeds? many advice would be great! thanks!
  7. K

    Red Sweetgrass

    Hi all! This will be my first thread here so bare with me please. I am very new and limited to my Turkey genetics knowledge. I own Sweetgrass, which I believe are b’b’ cgcg. I want to use them, to make Fall Fire, which if I’ve learned correctly, is basically a Sweetgrass with one Red Gene, Rr...
  8. J

    Best crop for chickens, turkeys and ducks.

    I have been looking to plant some crops in a separate run so I can take them off of the run when I need to replant the crops. I need to know which crop is best for a mixed flock. I am currently thinking about oats or alfalfa but would like to hear your opinions, thanks.
  9. B

    Neighbors Birds

    Hello Everyone! Our neighbor raised 4 turkeys this spring. The males are are very friendly and tame. There are 3 males and 1 female. Will the female be injured in the spring by the males? They are very large, and I'm afraid the might hurt her. She is too skittish to put a saddle on. Any...
  10. Victimtopoultrymath

    Buying sexed poults?

    Hi! I recently ran across a hatchery site selling sexed turkey poults, Valley of the Moon Turkeys. It is the ONLY site I have seen offering heritage breeds sexed. Is there any other company that does? My difficulty is that I need more hens, not toms, and by the time I am able to identify their...
  11. greygoose

    New member?

    Hi, Not sure why I am being prompted to introduce myself again? I have been a member for awhile now. We live in Linn County KS. We have chickens and turkeys. Also getting into quail and chukars. We have many other animals as well. Very interested in genetics and feather coloring. Would love to...
  12. SunsetSkyFarm

    DIT Turkey Tractor!

    Check out our new Turkey Tractor! We are housing 12 turkeys in the tractor. So far so good...
  13. MOpalB

    Everything Chicken Raffles

    Please come check us out on Facebook! Raffle group for anything poultry! We have eggs, chicks, grow out pens, etc!!! Once we reach 200 members we will have a $200 drawing! We also have free raffles for members every 2 weeks! Hope to see you there! Pick some numbers, take a chance, get some crazy...
  14. highpawayden

    Turkeys not eating in summer

    My turkeys haven’t been eating much if at all the past week. They seem perfectly normal but I worry about them not eating. Is this normal? Is there something I can feed them in the summer that they’ll eat?
  15. BReeder!

    Intro - after a year...

    I've been on BYC for over a year. I never got my trophy points though for "Introduce Yourself" so here's my intro (possibly for the second time). I am a father and husband with a growing family living in suburban Chicagoland on just a 1/3 acre lot. Backyard chickens is exactly what we have, not...
  16. P

    Question about dewormers

    So my wife and I have had chickens for a couple years now. This year, we got some turkeys and ducks as well. We let out the ducks once they're nearly full grown and they tend to stay out around the pond and rarely come back into the pen or coop at night, but we do keep them in the pen with the...
  17. awyman

    New Turkey Owner.

    I’m getting 2 female turkeys. They are white hollands, about 8 weeks old. I’ve done research. But want to know everyone’s experience with keeping turkeys. Any tips? Any things you wish you would have done differently? Thanks in advance! I’ve already picked the names of my two little girls, Mabel...
  18. Ochipturkeys

    Turkey treats?

    I have 3 broad breasted whites that are on 20% crumble and 12 weeks old. They like romaine lettuce, watermelon, whole oats and BOSS. Any other treats your turkeys like? How much lettuce or greens do you give your turkeys a day? Thank you!!!!!
  19. BirdsBeesTrees

    9 out of 10!

    9 out of 10 incubated turkey eggs hatched yesterday and today! Just wanted to share my Royal Palm x Bourbon Red and my one Black Spanish x Bourbon Red new turkey chicks. The one that didn't hatch was a side air cell. I put it air cell up and I should have put it air cell on its side.
  20. MamaBearLerch

    Poe Ranch>>> Piece Of Earth Ranch

    I have had my own chickens for about 7 years now but had some experience with them as a child when my family would travel from Louisiana and North Dakota , where my parents are from. My dads family owns a huge farm there and we just loved going there during the summer and sometimes during the...
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