1. MapleValleyAcresPoultry

    What is the best Turkey breed(s) for eggs?

    Hi all, I need to get some partners for my tom, but what breed(s) of turkeys are the best layers? I really want to get either Bronzes, Narragansets and Slates, but what do you all think is the best breed for egg laying? That's what I'm going off of. Egg laying ability. Just please don't say...
  2. mothaducker

    Turkey sexing help!

    Hello turkey experts! I would love opinions on the sex of my two turkeys. I would like to add more to my flock but want to verify what I have already. I’m pretty confident one is a male but I’m not sure about the other. They are approximately 12 week old Black Turkeys. The one I’m not sure...
  3. MapleValleyAcresPoultry

    Any Input On Blue Slate Turkeys??

    So i have a Blue Slate tom turkey and I'm looking to get him some females, I'd like some Blue Slate females, but I have some questions about Blue Slate girls: 1) Are they wonderful egg layers? 2) Do they go broody? 3) Are they good mom's? 4) Are they friendly birds? 5) Are they good foragers...
  4. K

    How can I encourage my heritage turkeys to roost in a tree and not on a roof?

    Hi All -- Second year in a row I am raising up a bunch (25-30) of heritage breed turkeys for holiday eating. Mostly mixed breed heritage (generally looking like standard bronzes but some lighter) and Bourbon reds. Last year, I didn't clip wings and these strong flyers would roost all over, but...
  5. Kennas_Kritters

    ☆~The Durpy Turkey contest~☆ Ends Sept. 18th (no prizes)

    Hey! This is my first contest! I decided to make a contest specifically for all the funny derpy turkeys out there! If you have funny/derpy pictures of your Turkey feel free to post them! Please read the WHOLE POST before entering! If you ignore the rules I won't count your votes! RULES~ ~NO...
  6. M


    PLEASE HELP! I have three 4 week old turkeys and they are all shaking/twitching and scratching their heads very often. One is laying down and starting to become lethargic. I tried checking for mites, but not really sure what I’m looking for. They are inside in a pine bedded brooder with a heat...
  7. Devils Flower

    Yearly preventative from Parasites and Disease.

    Does anyone use a yearly preventative to keep sickness and worms out of there flock? I have never had any problems in the last 7 years with my chickens and ducks but now I have my turkeys and I want to make sure I cover all bases and keep as much unwanted Parasites and disease out of my flock.
  8. S

    Turkeys poults and ducklings

    Hi all, a few days ago one of my 8wk broad breasted turkeys died. She was fine in the morning and started gasping for air around 7pm and was dead by 8pm. A couple days go by and one of my Cayuga ducklings died, then another the next day. They aren’t housed together, but are housed inside in...
  9. Ozarkhomesteader

    Building my turkey coop/run- need some tips!

    Hi there! So, soon i will be getting some Narragansett turkey poults. I have kept turkeys once before, but ended up having to sell them as we were in the city and they were spending more time running around the neighborhood than in our yard. FINALLY we have 25 acres in a rural area, and I am...
  10. Littlefrenchyinbigtexas

    Cute little one-month old turkeys. So intelligent and sweet.

  11. Littlefrenchyinbigtexas

    Hatching turkeys video

    I captured my first turkeys hatch in the incubator. Soooo sweet. 13 babies hatched in a few hours. They are just a few days old now and still look at me like I am mummy. Totally in love with my new babies!!!! 😍🥰
  12. MysticPoultry101

    My Turkeys aren't making babies!!

    I have a 9 month old Bourbon red Jake named Autumn and a 3 year old Bronze hen named Monny. Monny only sits down for me, And it seems that Autumn only cares for me. When they DO rarely mount, Its like neither of them know what they're doing. I would love too breed them but They're kind of...
  13. CaramelKittey

    ISO Pictures for a Project

    Hi all! I'm working on a video project (that will be on YouTube. :) ) about Naked Necks and the genetics behind them, but I need some pictures! Both of my birds are heterozygous and both have bibs and I really need some pictures of homozygous naked necks, meaning they do not have a bib. :)...
  14. Lexievans11990

    Meet 2 of my toms!

    These are my Narraganset x bourbon red boys! They are 6 months today! They get their good looks from their mama :)
  15. C

    Turkey incapacitated and ate my chicken

    I'm just throwing this out here to increase the amount of information out there for folks considering keeping turkeys and chickens together. Last spring (March 2020) we got 6 different chickens, all different breeds and 2 turkeys, one Narraganset and one local mutt. The local turkey got killed...
  16. G

    Confused about her color

    Hi everyone, I have one turkey that resembles sweetgrass and tiger bronze (semi pencilled). When she is about 1 month, she resembles sweetgrass poult that have pattern on her wings. But when she grows up, she looks like tiger bronze. When i learn turkeys varieties on porter's turkey web and...
  17. Wild-Turkey

    Processing Turkeys - Questions and Ranting??

    Hello, We plan to process three jakes tomorrow. They are all heritage. We have to buy a hatchet, a bucket, and some ice. This is my first time and we do not have most of the supplies yet, we can’t afford a plucker or the supplies to make a scalding tank. We plan to stick their heads through a...
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