1. C

    Sex 6 month old peafowl

    Willing to trade if female Only near Dallas Tx
  2. E

    A Peafowl Mystery

    (TLDR: 4 birds missing, including 1 large male, no signs of attack, but no sightings ) Hi everyone, I’m new here and hoping to ask for some ideas/advice. I’m sorry for the long post, but wanted to give some background in hope that someone might have some insight - also I’m really upset at the...
  3. Micoylf

    Sexing yearlings

    hiya!! I have 4 darling birds that hatched this year and while i know the blue and piebald are both males, i have no clue on the two whites. Any clue? I don’t think I’d be able to wrangle them to draw blood for that method but i would like to know if possible before they grow tail feathers, i...
  4. PeaEggThief

    Peafowl in Eastern PA - IB, IB split Midnight, Purple, Cameo, White

    I have some 2022 and 2023 peafowl for sale! 2022 1 India Blue split Midnight peacock 1 India Blue Black Shoulder split Midnight peacock 1 Cameo peahen 1 White peahen 2023 1 India Blue peacock 1 low% spaulding white (unsexed)
  5. S

    Mixed up mothers?

    So we had two mother peacocks. One had two chicks, the other had four. The one with two ended up in the cage for babies, but the one with four is roaming free. Long story short the four babies somehow found their way into the cage with the other mother and seemed to have adopted her out of the...
  6. bubbleberry

    Peafowl Living Outside

    Hi, I have a single peachick due to hatch (long story) next month and wanted to get some advice I know to keep it in a brooder for 6-8 weeks and what to feed it but I'm in two minds whether to rehome it. If I did keep it I would try my best to find another peachick of a similar age. We have...
  7. Micoylf

    How old should my Peachicks be before moving from the brooder to the coop?

    Hiya guys! First time rasing peafowl and the 4 chick i hatched (i posted their hatch pics a lil while back) are doing amazing! Their wings are fully feathered now at 2 weeks and they are running around the brooder doing baby “displays” and chasing eachother to steal snacks. (My friends have...
  8. M

    New Peafowl farmer

    I have 4 of these 1 month old peafowl I got at auction only labeled pea chicks. From the very minimal knowledge we have on peafowl we think they may have some green heritage. BUT AGAIN, very very minimal knowledge. Any knowledge would be greatly appreciated. Thanks from Milams Farm T&F
  9. bubbleberry

    Peafowl Egg Hatched By Muscovy

    Long story short, I went to collect some Indian runner hatching eggs today to put under my broody muscovy hen. We were also given a peafowl egg for free (I said no but was outvoted 😂 ). The plan is to put them all in the nest at the same time but I'm not sure what the best thing to do is once...
  10. F

    Possible White Eye Peahen?

    I recently bought this female adding it to my breeding pen.. They told me its from pied parent I can see all these white spots on her back and wings.. I'm wondering if its white eye or not? do you recommend to mate it with IB male or White male? what I can get from here? I appreciate your help!
  11. Louleybug


    Hello, I’m a fairly new peacock owner. I live on 20 acres with a lot of other farm animals. My peacock is about 12 months old. He’s been locked up in his adult cage for 3 months & did great. I wanted to free range him along with my chickens. about 2 months ago I let him out. He’s done great, up...
  12. F

    What is this color?

    I found this peacock for sale.. but I would like to know more about its color and its breed Is it Cameo? and is it pure Indian Peafowl? The seller have no idea about it and he is not familiar with Peafowl. Your help is appreciate..
  13. F

    PLEASE HELP! Eggs dying before hatching?

    I have hatched peacock eggs for a couple of years now and have always had good hatch rates. Usually I have a 90% hatch rate but lately I have had about 25%. Pretty much all of the eggs are fertile and seem healthy right up till it’s time to hatch and then they die. They don’t even internally...
  14. F

    Dark Pied or Split White?

    I'm new to Peafowls and I've been reading a lot about them.. I'm confused about the difference between Dark Pied and Split White.. some people said its the same and others said its two different colors.. I bought 2 Peafowls.. first one is a 3 years old Peahen (BTW she produced 3 White and 3 IB...
  15. P

    Hello from Pasadena CA

    Hi, I’m new here. I came here because the neighborhood I grew up in now, has feral peafowl running around it. I started up a YouTube channel Pasadena Peacocks to create a diary of their goings-on‘s. Frankly, it’s turned out to be a lot sadder than I expected. Predators got around 23/33 of the...
  16. goatsandpeacocks

    Selling babies

    I’m incubating IB peafowl eggs and not sure what to price them at. no crooked toes or any abnormalities and i’m in NE Oklahoma near grand lake so i’m not sure how much people will pay. currently i have 13 eggs but the peahens are cooking them up quickly so i might get more
  17. P

    Peacock has damaged wings! Help!

    Hello friends, I bought a roughly 2 year old peacock from a friend who didn’t want to care for him due to lack of time and space. So we have had him 10 months and although he is very skiddish and will not let us touch him he adjusted so well! He grew in a long beautiful train and feathers. Now...
  18. C

    Peafowl on porch

    Hi everyone, my neighbors peafowl freerange in my yard. Im Fine with that, no problem. BUT, now they are liking my porch and of course pooping and tearing up my flower arrangement. Is there anything they are scared of that will keep them off the porch? Or any ideas. Thanks again….
  19. goatsandpeacocks

    how to band without making them scared of you

    How do i band my adult peacocks without making them lose all their trust in me? they’ve just started letting me be close to them and now i have to give them their big-boy bands since they’ve grown out of their baby ones.
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