1. J

    Peacock body language?

    I'm sorry if this has been covered. I searched the forums, but with keywords I've used, there were no results. My peacock is 4 years old and was hand-raised by the folks who gave him to us. We also have 2 peahens who are 3 this year. My peacock, Argos, is very sweet and loves to be near us. He...
  2. NatureGirl74

    First egg not fertile, could the others be

    The first egg my peahen laid didn't have a bullseye in it. She's laid 3 other eggs and hasn't laid for a few days. If the first egg wasn't fertile could the rest of the clutch be fertile?
  3. F

    Help is this a egg still alive?

    hello i found a peafowl egg that was a pretty cold and immediately brought it back to my home to heat it up. i did the water test and it floats and the air sac seems quite large for for its age which i estimate to be about 1-3 days old. does anyone think it has a chance of being alive?
  4. E

    2 new peahens escaped... What should I do?

    Hi everyone, first time poster here. :) In short: I bought two new peahens this morning to join our peacock family. Despite getting their wings clipped this morning, they managed to fly off as soon as I opened their boxes in our pen (which has high walls, but an open roof out of necessity). I...
  5. achiapponi

    Peafowl egg preparation advice...

    Hi all! I am new to back yard chickens but, have been reading the threads for years. I purchased some Peafowl last year and now have 3 cocks a purple, IB and one that looks like it's a BS white maybe (need help telling what that one is). The white is a yearling. Also, I have a 2 or 3 year old...
  6. Z

    Peafowl Advice Needed - Lonely Peacock

    I don't know much about peafowl and I am looking for any advice about my current situation. For some backstory: I don't know how old he is, I got him and his hen from my late employer around 2 years ago. They were free range 24/7/365. I think they are Indian Blue as they matched the pictures on...
  7. P

    Please help! Face growth on precious peahen!!!

    Hello, I have a darling peahen named Bubble, sadly in the last few weeks I noticed a growth appearing under her beak on her face, I wasn’t sure what it was and whether it was something to worry about or if it would just go away on its own. Unfortunately, the growth has not gone away and has...
  8. White Valley Acres

    How to tame a peachick/peahen/peacock

    Hiya, I'm currently looking for suggestions on how to tame my White Peahen (Hera) and my India blue Peacock (Hercules). They were both semi-tame when I let them loose to roam our farm, where I could pet them, but now they've become quite distant and reluctant for me to pet or hold. Does...
  9. Mrshuckleberry

    Congo peafowl?

    Hello! I have been going down a rabbit hole looking into Congo peafowl (Afropavo congensis). These birds seem wonderful, but am sad to see they are on the IUCN Readlist vulnerable species list. I am having trouble finding much information on breed activity reported after 2016 and no information...
  10. Lulu-Dixon

    Worming LARGE number of birds??

    Anyone have good tips on worming a large number of birds? Obviously I could dose them one by one, but I am looking for suggestions on anything that can be added to water or feed. *This is not because they are having problems currently, but since they are all being housed closely for winter I...
  11. J

    Injured Pea Hen

    Hello everyone. I need some advice. Here is a little back story. I found a very late hatch peafowl chick right before our very first cold snap here is West Tennessee. The pea hen wanted nothing to do with her and the other chick that was in the clutch I had already found dead. I brought the...
  12. Joyfillednomads

    Ink Blot -->> what do you see <<--

    What do you see?
  13. littlefowl

    raising peachick

    i just hatched out my first peachick... had to deal with a slipped tendon straight off the bat . what else should i be looking out for and do i need to know about raising one by hand by itself??
  14. Farmchickstogo

    New Peachick Owner

    In a few days, I will be picking up two one week old peachicks and I have a lot of questions. I have had an adult peacock before but he sadly passed away due to a dog attack, but I have never had any peachicks. So question #1, would it be possible to put them with the chickens? (once they are...
  15. NatureGirl74

    Peahen losing feathers on stomach

    My peahen, Penny, has a bald spot on her stomach. Is it possible that it was caused by a fight with one of my cockerels? Is it normal for her to have a bald spot there? The male doesn't have it.
  16. CountrySoul

    Peafowl candling - duds?

    I haven’t hatched peafowl in years. I have 4 eggs in my still air incubator. Today is day 17. I’ve candled every few days since day 7 and I haven’t seen veins at all. The eggs are very hard to see through so I wasn’t too worried. But the development seems to have stopped. I can’t find any good...
  17. H

    Normal poop?

    My peafowls sibling died yesterday, its poop was weird, this is the one that’s still alive. I’m being extra cautious with the situation, is this poop normal? If not, how do I fix it? I’ve searched up behavior on sick peafowls and so far everything in behavior seems fine. The poop seems...
  18. NatureGirl74

    Why is my peacock sitting on eggs?

    My peahen just started laying this clutch of eggs. There are only two eggs so far. Several times I have found the peacock sitting on the eggs though. He hasn't broke any or been aggressive. Why is he sitting on the eggs though instead of her?
  19. Kedreeva

    Peafowl Image Database

    Hello! I know I'm not around much anymore, but I thought I would pop in and say that I've been handed the reins to the Peafowl Image Database website, (previously found at, now on its own domain, although the old link will still...
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