1. J

    Is Dectomax (doramectin) safe for Peafowl?

    Hi everyone, I've been reading a lot of old posts about treatment of lice and mites in peafowls with ivomec (ivermectin). I can't find ivermectin where I live, but I have Dectomax (doramectin), injectable 1%. Is it safe for peafowls to use doramectin instead of ivermectin? Any personal...
  2. F

    Young Peafowl Leg bent awkwardly!!! Help!! Peafowl with Dislocated or broken leg

    My peachick of 4 months old suddenly has a really bent leg. It must be dislocated or broken or something because it’s REALLY bent. Wasn’t like this yesterday; seemingly just happened this morning or overnight. It was recently moved to a wire cage. Could that have anything to do with the problem...
  3. MountainUp1

    Handling 'wild' but tame peahen

    We have flock of twenty-some chickens. About five months ago, a lone peahen arrived from 'nowhere' and began free ranging with our chickens. She's never left us. She is so beautiful. We named her Lucy. We'll be hatching some new peahens from purchased fertile eggs next spring, and building a...
  4. MountainUp1

    Twenty-some chickens, two dogs, two cats, and a peahen on a mountaintop

    (1) Are you new to chickens / when did you first get chickens? Grew up and lived in urban city center until five years ago. Then we moved to a remote mountain in a rural setting. Started by building a small 3x8 chicken tractor. Then an 8x8 coup. Added an outdoor 4x8 run. Now another 8x12...
  5. Bird_Lover_17

    Your bird pictures are needed!

    I'm typing up an article on poultry aviaries, and I need images: here's the thing: -Your hand can be in the picture -I will credit you, no matter what -I will except images of turkeys, quail, chickens, ducks, pheasants, peafowl, etc. Please no caged birds -I might not be able to add in all the...
  6. AyamSiriusBlack

    New to Peafowl!

    Hi! I just got 2 Peafowl from a friend who could not have them anymore. I have them penned up right now (in a 15 ft by 30ft run) and they will be for a while to get them acclimated to my house. I also have many chickens that I just built a very large chicken coop and run for. The peafowl...
  7. Bird_Lover_17

    Can different species of birds live together?

    Hi! So I am wondering if different species of birds can live toegher. Ie. Turkeys with chickens (or any other mix, that was just an example) I'm just curious since I can incorporate it into my barn plans and it will help me save space! **I don't intend to put quail/chukars/pheasants with...
  8. Uwish

    Hello everyone

    Hello Everyone, Thank you for letting me join your amazing group. I was raised on a sm farm growing up so we had everything just about (all were pets) now that I’m older and basically retired and don’t tour anymore I want that awesome life back of being surrounded by animals it’s my happy...
  9. DontChickenOut14

    What is your favorite bird (chicken, duck, quail, etc. )?

    I want to know which bird species is your favorite, mine is chickens but that is just because they are all I've ever had (and they are fluffy lol). Vote on the poll and comment why!
  10. Bird_Lover_17

    Does anyone feel like they want more animals during COVID19?

    Hi everyone! Every since this pandemic hit I have wanted to get TONS of chickens, ducks, peafowl etc. Does anyone else feel this way or is it only me? If you do feel this way, what animals do you want to start raising/ get more of to raise. This thread is not targeted to be "selfish" or...
  11. J

    Peachick colouring

    Hi all. These three peachicks are just over 4 weeks old. My question is what colour are they?? The hen is Indian blue as is the peacock but as you can see, two of the chicks are very pale - does anyone have any ideas??
  12. Kedreeva

    Genetics Q&A

    I am currently working on a spreadsheet which deals with peafowl genetics because I've been asked a lot of questions about offspring and combinations etc and I wanted it written down. It is NOT AT ALL complete, I only started designing and filling it out like a week ago, but I am getting toward...
  13. debbiexdeby


  14. NatureGirl74

    Peachick can't walk or stand

    I have a peachick that can't stand. It just rolls itself around the incubator. I had to help it out of the egg this morning. It had been struggling for 2 days. This is the first time I have had a peachick. Please help.
  15. V

    Peachick with a lean

    I have a week old peachick that has had a hard time. He is standing now with the help of a hobble brace, but he leans. His right side is always higher than the left. Anyone know what could be causing this?
  16. A

    Free ranging and enclosures?

    Does anyone free range their peas? Do you build a structure for them? If so, would you share a picture? (I really want to thank everyone at backyard chickens! What an amazing and helpful group! I wasn't anticipating being a pea mom and couldn't have done it without all of the wonderful info and...
  17. Entreparadis


    I have had peacocks (males only) for a few years now and sadly lost my youngest to a fight last week. I want to learn as much as I can about animal care, health and risks, so that I can prevent and remedy as many problems as possible. I also care for 5 Rhode island reds and 3 plymouth rocks hens...
  18. Hanaero

    Peahen breathing issues

    Hi there, We have our peahen Peanelopea who has been having breathing issues. We have seen a vet with her who suggested it could be gapeworm and/or treating for Mycoplasma (despite not having standard symptoms of Myco), vet also said she was underweight and a bit run down. Treatments being...
  19. S

    Hatching days

    Okay so let me start by explaining! I have two peafowl eggs in the incubator right now. I put them in on April 10th at 1:00pm, but I counted that as day 0. Peafowl eggs go into lockdown on day 26. Tomorrow will be day 25 but technically at 1:00 wouldn’t it be day 26? Should I go ahead and put...
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