1. KDOGG331

    Reptile Lover’s Thread!!

    Any reptile lovers here!? I didn’t used to be a huge fan of them although I always thought they were cool. Anyway, I’ve recently been researching a lot and now I love them :lau Thought I would start a thread so I don’t clog up or hijack any other threads rambling about them. :lau :hide I...
  2. Newduckmommy1221

    Can I use a reptile heat bulb for my duck brooder? Recommendations please!!

    Hi experts!!! Right now I am on week 2 for my Indian runner ducklings! They’re so cute but I feel are getting too hot sometimes with the heat bulb 175Watts I have for them. I’m thinking of either switching to a heat bulb that’s 125watts or 150watts but honestly, the red lighting is blinding and...
  3. Squeak61

    Hermanns tortoise!

    Hi everyone! I have absolutely amazing news: I'm getting a tortoise! :ya I am so excited! I'm getting a hermanns, and I think I'll be getting it from Tortoise Supply (unless anyone has any other recommendations). I used to have a tortoise years and years ago, and I'm so excited to be getting one...
  4. ChickensOfBromley

    Hello from Kentucky!

    Hello, all! My name is Maggie and I am from Kentucky. I have been raising coturnix quail for a while but recently jumped into the world of chickens, too! I am currently raising amauracana's, welsummers, egyptian faiyumis, golden comets, naked necks, and rhode island reds! I have 2-3 of each...
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