1. Zen Wildlife Rescuer

    Kiera’s Hollow Wildlife Rescue

    Hi there! I am soo glad that I have finally joined BYC. I have used valuable information off of BYC for over 3 years for my wildlife rescue center in South Africa. I take in wild bird’s eggs all the time and need advice on homemade incubators and hatching eggs every now and again. I also want to...
  2. T

    Orphan ducklings- What do I do?

    So, in the woods close to my house there are all these ponds. There were 9 little ducklings with their mom there for a while. However, for a couple days now, the mom is no where to be seen. The ducklings are still quite small, they are downy and only about the size if a fist. There are also a...
  3. J

    Orphaned wild duckling not eating

    Hi! Two days ago a wild duckling showed up in our literal doorstep (we live in the country) but we can't get him to eat, I have read a lot of threads on the site but was wondering if maybe giving specifics and identifying the duck would help in taking care of him? I've made a brood box and he...
  4. JoshuaBurke

    Bill Morris Park Jesup,GA Ducks

  5. GreenBean13

    Infrastructure & cedar sourcing

    Hi yall! In Independence, KY & planning for a flock sometime later this year or next. Trying to get infrastructure in place first -- greenhouse, garden with raised beds, temporary or permanent netting to protect garden (probably poultry netting so it can be dual purpose later on when we do have...
  6. LittlePip21

    Wild bird with no use in legs! What should I do?

    Hello, yesterday I found a bird on the ground near the highway. He was using his wings to propel himself along the ground, squaking and very much alive. His legs are splayed out and useless behind him. I put him in a box with holes in it, gave him some water and put him in a dark room. I called...
  7. Y

    Yamahog Pop

    Greetings fellow Chicken lovers, (besides the eggs and meat benefits...), Our family lives on a small acreage, in the land of 10,000 oversized mud puddles (mistakenly referred to as “lakes”), vampires with wings and stingers (muscle for the Mosquito cartel, mistakenly called "nuisance bugs" by...
  8. Starlings and dogs

    pet starling tips

    I i'm looking for pet starling tips. anything will do :)
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