1. Haphazard_Hannah

    Chicken Newb

    Hi everyone, I’ve just joined your community and wanted to introduce myself if that’s okay? I’m so new to chickens that I don’t actually have them yet... we’re rescuing 6-8 ex-battery hens here in the UK in the next month or so but first I need to get everything ready for them. I’m...
  2. orloffer

    orloffer's Nest

    Welcome to orloffer's Nest! :frow orloffer's Nest is intended to be a kind and positive thread where BYC members can chat, share their poultry (and other pet/animal) photographs and stories, and share and discuss their hobbies and projects, &c. Anyone and everyone is invited to jump in! This...
  3. R


    I guess I'll start off by saying hi, my preferred name is roxas. And now I'll answer those questions. Here goes: 1: I am not new to chickens. I have raised 2 flocks with my family, and it has always been me doing the begging for more. The first flock, consisted of a varying mix, like white...
  4. Your Flock - Picking A Breed.

    Your Flock - Picking A Breed.

    There are dozens of chicken breeds out there, each with different qualities. But which breed would suit your circumstances best? Here's a rough list of breeds that stand out. Egg Layers These breeds have been selected for their outstanding egg-laying abilities. #1. ISA Brown. ISA Brown - a...
  5. BrittsChicks

    Friendliest breed of geese?...

    I’m thinking about getting either American Buff, Pilgrim, or Sebastopols....(planning on incubating eggs)...🐣
  6. Wolf19

    3 Female Button/King Quail - WILL TRAVEL FAR TO DELIVER - Northern Virginia

    I live in NOVA. I need to rehome my three female button quail. I have been self-isolating since early March and only leaving every two weeks to go to the grocery store so if health is a concern, do not worry, proper precautions have and will be taken. I am willing to drive pretty far to deliver...
  7. NSKDodge

    HELP me sex my chukar

    Why is this so difficult? Maybe someone here can see what sex my little birds are... Chukar #1 is the more petite one, the body and head are smaller but it has little bumps where spurs would be. Chukar #2 has a larger body... more block headed but zero spur bump... I asked the vet and they say...
  8. Marienobert

    Quail birds and eggs for sale

    Fertile Quail eggs and birds for sale place your orders now we post to any location contact with your post code for price see available quil breeds below Bob White Quail, Japanese Quail, Brown Quail, Californian Quail, King Quail, Painted Button, Quail, Red backed Button Quail, Jumbo...
  9. Qquails899

    Is it possible to potty train a quail?

    I keep two quails as indoor pets so I'm curious if I can potty train them. If it's possible, how do I do it?
  10. CaliFarmsAR

    Show off any Pets,Farm animals!!

    I would love to see if this will be the longes post and you can show off your pets and farm animals. This is my drake. Here is my rooster Strutter.
  11. B

    Neighbors Birds

    Hello Everyone! Our neighbor raised 4 turkeys this spring. The males are are very friendly and tame. There are 3 males and 1 female. Will the female be injured in the spring by the males? They are very large, and I'm afraid the might hurt her. She is too skittish to put a saddle on. Any...
  12. B

    Show off your Emus! (Or Rheas/Ostritches!)

    Hello fellow emu enthusiasts! I noticed that similar threads were posted in other poultry forums allowing people to show off their birds, but our section appeared to be lacking it! Therefore, I created this one! Show off your birds in all the glory, whether it be a picture of them, or a...
  13. WallyBirdie

    Favorite Chicken(s)!

    Anyone want to share pictures and stories of their favorite chickens?! No dinner jokes, please.
  14. JoshuaBurke

    Hurricane the duck photos

    Spending some quality time with Hurricane the duck! :) <3 I hope y'all enjoy these photos! :)
  15. KDOGG331

    Shih Tzu Thread!!

    I was asked to start this thread and plus I just LOVE Shih Tzu’s so I gladly agreed so here goes.... This thread is for all things Shih Tzu!! If you love this breed and/or own one then this thread is for you! Feel free to post pictures, share stories, ask questions, share breed information...
  16. cluckmecoop7

    Cluckmecoop7's Thread *COME JOIN THE CHAT!*

    Come Join The Chat with Cluckmecoop7! I own chickens: I own fish: So why not share stories, pictures, facts, etc. about our pets????? I made another thread sort of like this one, but it did not get very many replies. It only went to page 3. I want this thread to GET...
  17. AuntieWeasel

    How do you pet a chicken?

    I keep a small flock of bantams very much as pets. I've always bought birds at about six weeks old, when they can be reliably sexed. They grow up friendly and pick-up-able but not, you know, lap chickens. This year for the first time I hatched a group in an incubator and they spent their first...
  18. jjcalvi1972

    Excited to raise chickens for the first time!

    (1) Are you new to chickens / when did you first get chickens? We are new to chickens! Want to learn about the process first, but aiming to add 2 chicks to our family this weekend (7/27) and later transition them to our outside coop (already here in our Eureka rental). (2) How many chickens do...
  19. KDOGG331

    Spaniel Thread

    Who has spaniels? I have always loved them and thought I’d start kind of a spaniel appreciation thread haha apologies if one already exists too but I couldn’t find one. I know I’ve made a lot of threads including a lot of dog ones but I figured this one could be kind of just an appreciation...
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