1. KDOGG331


    Anyone here have gerbils? Thinking of getting some and was curious if anyone else had them. Mostly just looking for stories and pictures of yours since I've already done a lot of research but if you have any tips that could be fine too. Thought this could be fun. Thanks.
  2. Nicole Persinger

    New owner of yellow fluff

    I'm so excited to be the proud owner of my first two Pekin ducks. I got them about three weeks ago as little yellow fluff balls and oh boy have they grown!! Iv been on the web reading all I can my ducks are inside pets....that is the plan, any useful and helpful info would be greatly...
  3. SaeruhMariee

    Duckling with leg/foot abnormalities

    I had an egg hatch yesterday and the little guy was a bit behind the others. His feet are balled up into "fists" and his legs are straight out behind him. He can't walk, just scoot by pushing forward with his legs. He's active and eating and drinking. Honestly, I wasn't sure he would make it...
  4. L

    2 nine wk old pet Pekin ducks to good home

    My daughter has 2 nine week old Pekin ducks to rehome to someone who won't eat them. One is a girl, still unsure about the 2nd one but I think it's a drake. We are in the South Florida area. Need help asap. Thanks
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