1. TJ


    I have two rabbits and their hutch for sale. The rabbits are Netherland Dwarf breed (small), approx. 6 years old, they are sisters and have been together since birth, could be more tame than they are if someone spent more time with them. These are pets only - not breeders & not meat. Names are...
  2. susaniris

    First-time chicken owner -- day-olds arriving this week!

    Hi! We moved to central NY State last summer and are getting our very first day-old chicks within a week. I have an indoor room set up with the brooder and all necessary supplies and feel like an expectant mother...are the eggs laid yet, etc. Very excited! Also have questions about predator...
  3. juno553

    Sexing pet turkeys

    I have two pet Narragansett and Sweetgrass turkeys that are about 10 months old. I think they're both males but I'm not completely sure. They both get moody during the spring and start fighting sometimes. Otherwise they're best friends. Lemon (the Sweetgrass) is almost always puffed up and Ari...
  4. sandypath

    Introducing myself :)

    I've been on backyardchickens for a few years (since 2015) after a friend highly recommended it. I have read things but noticed I hadn't sent an intro! (1) Are you new to chickens / when did you first get chickens? I helped my dad with a tiny coop of chickens when I was a ten and loved it. I...
  5. HennyPenny2019

    Friendliest Chickens

    well, I am finally getting close to getting my chickens We move to our new home in May. Only 2.5 acres so I’ll only be getting a few but since they will mainly be pets (with benefits :) My question is this ... ok 2 questions ... since my space is small, should I get a Bantam breed, but more...
  6. Chicks 'n ducks

    Are sheep or goats more picky?

    Hello, I am curious if Sheep or goats are more picky when it comes to soiled (like it touches the ground or gets poop in it) hay, slightly dirtied water, and other food, water, and mineral related things. Overall are sheep or goats easier to take care of? which ones are more fun? (in your opinion).
  7. SemiQ

    Do Golden Phoenix's need any extra care?

    I'm not sure if this has been asked before but I searched the forums and couldn't find anything. I was just thinking that because they have long tails that drag on the ground, would they need any special care? Like bedding, feed, etc...? Wouldn't dirt and feces build up in it? Would I have to...
  8. Age-of-Goositude

    Fighting Rooster Town Laws

    Hey I'm in Washington State and I want to know how to make a case and fight for the rights for roosters to be in town. So many people want to keep their boys and dogs are more obnoxious than roosters and roosters are able to be kenneled and contained at night into early morning so I don't see...
  9. My coop page

    My coop page

    Thanks in advance for reading! My pets: Broody song baby RIP. goldilocks golden baby Popeye yama Flock of bovan brownsScarlet songbaby Yama Carrot, Lisa, spotty face, lavendersong baby, lavender, coal. PepperScarlet, Abigail, lavender, Goldilocks, Yama. speckle Abigail Moonshine and...
  10. Silkie2

    Art commissions open!

    (i'm not sure if self advertising is allowed here, please let me know if it's not and i will take this down) Hello! I'm a digital artist and my commissions are currently open! I do pet illustrations, the only animals I don't do unfotunatley are chickens (ironic right?) I've tried drawing them...
  11. SemiQ

    How many Turkey's do you need for breeding?

    Okay, so I was wondering how many heritage turkeys would you need for them to live comfortably together and breed? I have heard people say 1 Tom to 5 hens and I've even heard 1 Tom to 15 hens. I'm not looking to breed for meat or anything. I was just wondering since one day I hope to have some...
  12. NoFlyBackFarm


    Okay so as some of you know, I am having the broody contest! I thought to have a animal dress up contest! Put your pet in a homemade or store bought costume for a chance to win! Any animal is allowed, chicken, duck, dog, cat, horse, etc. Looking for 3 judges! This will end on October 30th...
  13. weirdturkeyfreak

    Hurtful words

    Idk if this post goes here. Well anyway... What do you say to people who say “chickens aren’t pets” ? Or if a chicken bites you and their immediate response is “eat him! Kill him!” Like one, yeaaa they are pets! And two, usually when an animal bites you it’s because you invaded their...
  14. Shmegel

    Where to Buy Single Adult Pretty Coturnix Hen (hopefully online)

    Hello! I am raising coturnix quail for eggs and as pets. I currently have three quails, two females and a male (Pharoah, Texas A&M, and Tibetan/Red). I’m hoping to get an additional laying female to add to my flock, as the male tends to mate when anxious and it can stress the females (they’re...
  15. Chickadooo

    A little about me and all of our pets! (Lots of pictures)

    1) Are you new to chickens / when did you first get chickens? Yes, we are new to chickens, although I did have chickens when I was an early teen. I wasnt much involved in their care. We just got chickens last Sunday. (2) How many chickens do you have right now? 10 (3) What breeds do you have...
  16. Liv's chickens

    Rabbits for sale in Vermont! Lots of breeds!

    Above are our Holland Lop boys Above are our Lion Lop babies Above is our black otter Lionhead buck Our mini Rex babies above Hello everyone, we are a small hobby breeder in Vermont (Shaftsbury/North Bennington area), and we have some Lionhead, Holland/Mini Lop, Lion Lop, And...
  17. S

    Stupid Quail

    I just got 2 quail to keep my pet quail rooster company(the 2 quail were female) and one of them just stands around and does nothing, even when my quail tries to stand and peck her. She just does NOTHING. Is this normal? I got the 2 quail from a farm, the rooster that I have I incubated from an...
  18. KLIL

    Show me your flock!

    I would love to see some photos of everyones flocks! Our dog Tank also.
  19. Turkeylover3561

    This is Jennifer

    She’s a standard bronze who I’ve had since she was only a couple days old. She’s now 2 months old and still gets in my lap. Also my hand cause she thinks she can still fit. She like to grab finger nails and arm hair. But loves all of her chicken sisters and brother. Her boyfriend Harold is a...
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