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Sep 7, 2020
I guess I'll start off by saying hi, my preferred name is roxas. And now I'll answer those questions. Here goes:

1: I am not new to chickens. I have raised 2 flocks with my family, and it has always been me doing the begging for more. The first flock, consisted of a varying mix, like white leghorns, red sex linked, brahma and the like. That was a few years ago now. Last year we got a second flock of chicken after giving the first ones away, (reason I will tell if you ask) and this flock consists of only easter Eggers and I absolutely love them. I first got chickens around 3 or 4 years ago.

2: I currently only have 5 chickens, but I want to get more soon.

3: currently, only EEs, but I want to get a black colored breed sometime soon , like an australorp or a black orpington.

4: my favorite aspect of raising chickens is mainly getting to know the personalities of the chickens. Yes, the fluffly little chicks are quite cute, but watching them grow and getting to know each chicken individually is really fun.

5: my other hobbies include video games, origami, taking care of my other pets, and watching youtube.

6: I am currently a vet tech student at kent state tuscarawas, I live with my parents and younger sister (older sister is in Arizona), I have lots of other pets, ranging from toads to parakeets (I can give a full list if requested), my current occupation is delivery driver for my local pizza hut. Hopefully that will change when I get my degree. I am currently trying to hatch my own flock of coturnix quail, which I am admittedly having some difficulty with, and that's another reason I made a byc account, is for help with that process.

7: *bonus* i have actually used byc a while before this, but my mom suggested making an account for the added features it comes with, so here we are. I found byc by googling various things about chickens and quail and getting several helpful forum posts from here for search results.

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