1. A

    Is there any type of commercial feed that I can use for my week old ducklings AND my month old quail?

    Hi! I just got 2 ducklings and 5 baby quail. I ran out of duck food and was wondering if anyone knows of a feed that I can give both of them. Can I feed them both game bird starter and if so do I have to supplement the duckings with niacin? Any suggestions on which brand of feed to buy will be...
  2. beddru

    Stack-able quail cage and a few free giveaways.

    2 stack-able Wynola Ranch 22 inch quail layer cages $90. I already have a black homedepot water bucket attached, so its ready to go. I included a youtube video and some photos to get an idea of what it looks like. I'll include replacement chicken drinker cups. I'll also include a waterer and...
  3. PhantomSkye

    How long to quails last?

    Am currently about to get a Cortunix Jumbo Texas Quail about a week old I was wondering how long they can last am getting two females as pets and if they lay eggs every once and a while great but I don’t want to stress them soo.. I won’t be stressing out my quail I just want some as pets:thumbsup
  4. PhantomSkye

    Am planning on getting a quail

    So my father an I plan on getting a new pet quail in a week or so we don’t plan on hatching it we only plan on buying a few how many Cortunix quail should we get? I am aware old world quail are very social but am not sure on how many maybe two? Am not really sure also do anyone of you have any...
  5. O

    Do I have a drafty brooder? Help!

    Yo, this is my first time hatching quail eggs! Can someone tell me if the chicks placement says I have a drafty brooder? Or is it too hot? The chicks are all on the right, against the side of the box. How do I fix this? Is my lamp placement incorrect?
  6. S

    Quail suddenly scared of me?

    So I have a 2week-3week ol' quail. Today, I took her for a walk outside. In the middle of her walk, she got ABSOLUTELY TERRIFIED of me! Explain, anyone?
  7. BekahHah

    Are day old quails able to eat organic chia seeds??

    I heard quails love seeds but I would like to know if day old jumbo quail chicks can eat them too? I know they like grown chia sprouts.
  8. C

    Chick gasping in egg?

    Hello, I’m hatching 13 quail eggs and I noticed that one of the chicks that externally popped today is now gasping within the egg. I can see it through the hole it’s broken but I don’t think it’s normal. Does this mean it’s dying or is it a humidity problem? It’s day 17 for the quails and I have...
  9. O

    HELP! One legged quail... Cull?

    I got a one legged quail today... about 5-6 weeks maybe? He’s not able to stand on one foot. The other foot is almost twisted completely backwards, too. He just scoots/crawls, and it’s incredibly difficult for him to get around. I’m not sure if this is a birth deformity or an injury. This makes...
  10. AkinliAdventure

    Not Laying???

    I’ve read up on when quails are supposed to start laying, 6 weeks. Mine are 7-8 weeks and I have 3:1 quail ratio, I know that it’s supposed to be about 4:1 but they seem to be doing fine even though I only have 3 girls. Their hutch is outside and I bring them out on the grass in a playpen every...
  11. E

    Urban farm on my rooftop in Brussel.

    Hello all, I am a new member. here is a bit about myself. (1) Are you new to chickens / when did you first get chickens? - I got my 1st Chicks, 2 polish chicks and silkie chicken; back in Arp 2018 (2) How many chickens do you have right now? - Now I got 2 polish hens, The Silkie chicken , I...
  12. AkinliAdventure

    New Member

    Hello! New to BYC and am getting 3 female and 1 male Coturnix Quails soon. I will love any advice about raising quails! I would also like to know what your animals are named! BYC is a great option to keep me occupied in this quarantine. Introduce yourself! Thanks For Reading!
  13. oDuskDawno

    Any Advice?

    Hello, I haven't been on here for a while. In the time I have been gone, I have persuaded my family to let me get some Coturnix Quails. three girls and a male are what I have decided on getting. I wanted to know if anyone will like to give some advice, I have had two other quails in the...
  14. R

    Hello from Sydney!

    Hi fellow poultry owners😄 I'm a young newbie, wanting to get started with poultry for eggs and meat. Currently I have 8 Quails that are 4 months old ( I made the mistake of purchasing from a pet shop instead of starting with eggs, I got really intimidated by the process) I will be owning some...
  15. C

    Any quail egg sellers near me? (Bucks County Pa)

    I am currently looking to raise quail chicks or incubate quail eggs but I’m looking first for a seller near me. I live in Bucks County Pennsylvania. If anyone has any available please comment below.
  16. O

    Are my quail ready to be outside yet?

    My quail are 3 weeks old. I plan on keeping them outside in a rabbit hutch that’s completely sealed off with bubble wrap. It also has a large tarp over it for additional protection. I can’t put a heating lamp inside but I can use Christmas lights. There is also plenty of straw and old cloth for...
  17. O

    How many quail can I fit into my rabbit hutch?

    Hi there! I’m new to raising quail. Today I got 8 quail chicks. I’m keeping them in a 2 story rabbit hutch. There is a little ramp for them to go down to the first floor, but for now I’m keeping them only on the second floor. Is this space big enough for 8 quail chicks?
  18. DecT

    Are Quails Neighbour-Friendly???

    So let me tell you the reason I am asking this very question... our neighbors were complaining about are RIR Rooster and how it was interrupting them during unsociable hours (evening, early morning) because of it loudness of his crow and to be quite frankly it did annoy me a little, so sadly we...
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