1. QuailTail

    Jumbo Coturnix Aviary Build

    Hey everyone! Not sure if anyone wants to see, but I love watching step by steps of other people's set up, so I thought I'd post my aviary build for anyone that's interested :) It's a slow process as work and lockdown restrictions mean time and resources are limited, but hopefully we'll be able...
  2. Littlefrenchyinbigtexas

    Raising quails

    Here’s our set up for our quails and a quick comparison with chickens hatched at the same time. Quails are a great options for farms and homesteaders.
  3. ChanP

    Keeping Egg-Laying Quail

    Just for those of you who are thinking of keeping adult egg-laying coturnix quail here's exactly what I do... It work well for me and I have never had any serious problems. I keep 13 quails outside in an aviary: 12 females and one male. I hatched all of them so they are quite friendly and eat...
  4. Littlefrenchyinbigtexas

    Happy growing quails in the brooder | You now see the different breeds

    Update on our baby quails. Now 10 days old and growing so fast. Looks at these different breeds!
  5. C

    Injured quail leg

    So my quails leg accidentally got stepped on when we were putting them back in their cage for the day (it’s a long complicated story) but now he can’t walk and he’s moving himself around with his head and kind of dragging his body, we were going to put him down but he seems pretty content, he...
  6. L

    Female quails attacking each other

    Hi. My I have 3 female cortunix quails for a bit information, and I‘ve never seen them fight each other like this. It isn’t fighting really, because one of them runs around the cage away from the other which keeps pecking it. I don’t know what to do, does anybody know anything on this? I don’t...
  7. L

    Quail Cleaning

    Hi. I have three female coturnix quails, and recently me and my dad had some leftover watermelon and so we gave it to them. We gave some more, and once we left the cage alone they started eating both the seeds and the watermelon. Except, now they have dried up red watermelon juice on their...
  8. Littlefrenchyinbigtexas

    Quails hatching

    So happy about my very first quails that hatched this weekend. They are both doing good.
  9. C


    Hello everyone i would like some advice since my quails are fighting i have not identified breed or sex yet. just recently i had too move them out of their cage into a more secure rabbit hutch since they kept escaping and one got hurt doing so.Never until now have they started to peck and...
  10. Quailguy728

    Off-Grid Incubator-Brooder-and Coop heater... RECYCLED HEAT

    **Reposting/starting a thread for this here. Hey folks! Long time no post. I'm sure we can all agree; Life gets out of hand sometimes... I digress... I've returned today with a crazy concept I plan to implement myself soon. I figured it would be a great idea to share the idea with this...
  11. Mustafa Aamir

    Can 2-3 week old chicks live with adult quails?

    i have heard that adult chickens cannot be kept with quails due to the pecking order and the transfer of diseases... but can three week old or 2 week old chicks live with adult quails TEMPORARILY
  12. Mustafa Aamir

    Quail Eggs production in winters without 12hrs light

    Hi, i have 1 male and 4 female cotournix quails, they have stopped laying eggs completely due to winters approaching... i am unable to provide them with light 12hrs a day but i try to. are there any other way that from which quails can start laying again... maybe change in diet or something.
  13. PhantomSkye

    Quail with bloody beak help please

    She can still peck at stuff but her beak hurts and is bleeding she hurt her beak today when she flew around Her beak is still in line and she can still drink water and have a sand bath should I take her to the vet later? what do I do :(
  14. Bird_Lover_17

    Unofficial Quail Contest (no prize)

    Hi! I have seen a lot of online shows (horse, chick, chicken), but I haven't seen a quail one yet! I don't feel comfortable choosing a winner and that's why it will be voted on (see how to vote below) ~Rules~ Up to 3 submissions per member Any kind of quail This quail contest closes on October...
  15. B

    Quail crazily jumping and going insane

    Hi, recently my one of two quails that I made a post about because it began pecking the other, has started to try jump out of its box... The box is big enough for the two and the one quail that jumps had its behavior changed around 2 weeks ago, it used to be fine with me holding it and...
  16. PhantomSkye

    Bird show competition! Show off your birds!

    This competition has no prize! Just for fun :> The competition will be over at the end of the month! CRITERIA: Bird Must be hatched Story about said bird RULES: No gory photos! Don’t be mad if you don’t win! I look at all the entries and enjoy looking and reading about other people’s birds...
  17. Roxas13


    I guess I'll start off by saying hi, my preferred name is roxas. And now I'll answer those questions. Here goes: 1: I am not new to chickens. I have raised 2 flocks with my family, and it has always been me doing the begging for more. The first flock, consisted of a varying mix, like white...
  18. Joylime322

    So quails...

    Dear Community, I am going to be hatching my first quails pretty soon. What advice would you give? Is there any special sensitivities they have that I should be aware of? What is something you enjoy the most about quails! And what is something that you would rather not deal with? Also, I am...
  19. B

    Young quails pecking each other

    Hi, recently i noticed that one of my two 3 week old coturnix quails suddenly just started pecking the other quail who is a few days older than it, I let them out of their box for a hour or so to let them roam free but the younger quail chased the other trying to peck it. But sometimes they...
  20. A

    Is there any type of commercial feed that I can use for my week old ducklings AND my month old quail?

    Hi! I just got 2 ducklings and 5 baby quail. I ran out of duck food and was wondering if anyone knows of a feed that I can give both of them. Can I feed them both game bird starter and if so do I have to supplement the duckings with niacin? Any suggestions on which brand of feed to buy will be...
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