1. Thisgirlnamederin

    Bock bock hello from MI!

    Hi everyone! I’m Erin, and my husband and I started keeping chickens in 2012. Aside from chickens, we have 9 ducks, 2 goats, a cat, and a Flemish Giant rabbit. I’m an artist and love to paint chickens and all the things inspired by hobby farming and the country life. I share my art and some...
  2. Peskypigeon

    Another Artist Chat

    Hello Everybirdie, I simply wanted to start another artist chat of my own. Everybirdie who has the passion is welcome, so please don't hold back. Let's try and make an artist group, no matter how big it gets. You may also stay here if you just like art and want to chat with anybirdie in here...
  3. orloffer

    orloffer's Nest

    Welcome to orloffer's Nest! :frow orloffer's Nest is intended to be a kind and positive thread where BYC members can chat, share their poultry (and other pet/animal) photographs and stories, and share and discuss their hobbies and projects, &c. Anyone and everyone is invited to jump in! This...
  4. chickinlittles

    Lets see your Chicken Art!

    Hi everyone in BYC land! I hope this post finds you well. I'd like to get a thread going that focuses on art that you create with chickens as the subject matter. All mediums, styles and levels are encouraged. I have seen that there are many creative people on this site and my hope is to...
  5. ajsflock

    Update on my newest babies

    Unfortunately, Cinnamon passed away. I had her cremated and am waiting on the ashes. Attached is a picture I drew of her being greeted by my late rabbit at the rainbow bridge. We tried our best but I’m afraid she failed to thrive. Our other three chicks have grown a LOT! The two barred babies...
  6. Painting I finished today of my Granddaughter and Chicken (Bossy)

    Painting I finished today of my Granddaughter and Chicken (Bossy)

    Since I am an artist- I require that my chickens participate fully in my life style. 😉This includes posing, photo opts and getting their portraits painted. They do not get paid - just extra rations. This painting is from a photo I took of my Granddaughter with "Bossy" She really wanted to reach...
  7. bobertyork

    Anyone else create chicken art

    Just thought I’d share mine! And hopefully see yours!
  8. 52BAC1D1-285A-4B33-836A-332DF348E21E


    Chicken watercolor. BCM.
  9. F96D5B07-573C-4A85-B147-86EF8E6BE756


    Watercolor portrait of my BO Honey. I am a school teacher and home bored on winter break. School starts again next week. I knew my chicken friends would appreciate it!
  10. TheChiggens

    I love This Animated Chicken Art!

    Here is some animated chicken art! isn't it cool? (not made by me) Which one is your favorite? Mine is #2 Also share any you want!
  11. Takeylla

    Random pictures, drawings artwork, and just chatting

    post a picture of your bird’s or random drawing of your birds or birds you drawn if you want, post your art and show off what you got or made. :)
  12. DumbCluckGangMama

    Chicken Instagram

    I recently started an Instagram account for my flock, and I have come to realize that chicken Instagram is a whole niche/community. Does anyone else have an Instagram account dedicated to their birds? I'm looking for my accounts to follow! And here are some examples of my photos. I like to take...
  13. WallyBirdie

    Fowl Play(doodle)

    Sometimes a game between friends turns a little... fowl. Especially when the ball is discreetly switched with an egg!
  14. FarmrGirl

    Maryland Poultry Swap & Farmers Market - SoMD Edition

    This Farming Market features all things Farm related, handcrafted, or homegrown. This includes but not limited to poultry, pigs, rabbits, small ruminants (ie: goats, sheep, calves, mini jerseys, etc.), hatching eggs, incubators, local honey, produce, flowers, started plants, and fruits &...
  15. snowflight1

    Chicken art!

    Here's some art I wanted to share with y'all! Does real life Bob and painting Bob look alike?
  16. TashaFrancois

    Art Contest with Prizes

    1. Post an image of your original artwork. 2. Must be themed to the site. Any breed, sex, or species is acceptable. 3. Please help keep the thread clean by having conversations privately. 4. Must comply by all BYC rules of edicate. 5. Label like so: Name Species/Breed Sex...
  17. lilapot

    Fun Chicken Coop Graphic Design Project

    My friend and I had to make an analogy for a cell. I'm a chicken lover (like all of us), so of course, I had the idea to compare a cell (as in a science-y, animal cell) to a chicken coop. We made a sketch, then used Adobe InDesign to create the image. I suppose this goes in the category of...
  18. KikiDeAnime

    Art Commissions Open! (Paypal only/$3-$8)

    Hello! I've finally worked up enough courage to post this. I was afraid to post this as I'm still working on improving my art even though I've been a digital artist since 2012. Be sure to post some feedback about my art! It really helps! If you want art of your deceased pet, the fee is free...
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