It's been a very long time since I've been here. A LOT has changed in our household since I last updated the front page of my blog.

First...happy additions to our home last year. Those 2 Russian Blues I mentioned are now a part of our home. Anya is a pretty kitty, very sweet & kind of aloof. She has a habit of knocking things over & she likes to try to get out of the house. She's also a hunter. Dima, her brother, is kind of a dummy but he's very intelligent at the same time. He has a deformed tail which - I think - kinda affects his balance b/c he's a bit of a klutz.
Second...I am still very, very sad - bereft - that I lost my best friend, my Lhasa Apso, last year due to a sudden heart attack.
I am still heartbroken & so very empty. unexpected addition was a Rottweiler/Terrier puppy we adopted from the Humane Society. I had planned to adopt an adult outdoor watchdog but you know, sometimes things happen. She's a petite 18 pounds & not much of a watchdog. Hmph lol.
Fourth...I may have the order of these "events" out of order but we also lost Chick-Chick. I truly believe that someone killed her by hitting her with a stick & breaking her neck. The only reason my other 2 browns are still with us is probably b/c the people didn't see them in the dark. Chick-Chick was the light of our lives b/c she was so affectionate (we like to think) & a lot like a dog. She had to have been 20 pounds. We miss her still.
We do still have my senior kitty who turns 15 years old in August & my Lhasa/Dox who is 7-1/2 years.