Rainbow Bridge

In this photo you can see the still alive Jareth and Cosette, sharing my dads 4WD with my very dirty Sussex hen, Princess.
She died in January 2009.

Flower (in the middle), the only current survivor of this little trio of crazies.
Cretin (at the back) somehow got underneath a tarpaulin my dad had hanging over the garden. She got very firmly stuck there and couldn't get out. Yet strangely, she made no sounds, no screaming, no panic. She simply stayed in there and died horribly. We were looking for her everywhere, but had no idea she could have even gotten under the tarp... at any rate, we suspected nothing due to there being no fuss. She died in late December 2008.
Floof, the white Silky, just utterly disappeared without a trace. Sucked into the void of nothingness. Went missing early December 2008.

The old stud, Elvis. He WAS the leader of the pack, always picking on Jareth and raping the women. Even when they were much too young for it, he didn't care. He lived life as though there would be no tomorrow. Sadly, for him, there wasn't. He died in January 2008. My father found him dead of unknown causes.

There are no pictures of my other lost chickens, Cameron & River or Darla and Bette... I know some exist, I just don't know exactly where.
At any rate... they all will be missed.