Ramblin Rooster's Big Brooder Box

  1. Ramblin Rooster
    After getting an octagon 20 incubator, I immediately ordered some eggs.[​IMG] Realizing I could end up with two dozen chicks[​IMG], I knew I needed to do better than a cardboard box. I found this brooder plan on BYC, and made a few modifications. First, I nearly doubled it in size. Mine is 4 by 6 feet and two feet tall. It also has a lid, so older chicks won't hop out. I also took into consideration that it should be spacious, since we are hatching chicks in the winter so they will probably be spending a lot of time in it. The size is also useful because I can divide different aged hatches and even stick a broody mama in there. I gave it a whole room in our barn, since it's so big. I will posts photos of it in the room when it's done. So far I will be posting the photos of our progress, as we are not completely done.


    First we put the 4x4' posts in each corner of the base to connect the walls onto.


    Next we added the walls to the sides.


    I am posting as I go, so keep checking for more updates! I should be finished This week, as long as I can find some spare time.

    ~Ramblin Rooster [​IMG]

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