Thoughts from down on the farm...
What did you have for dinner tonight? Hamburgers? Pork Chops? Chicken? In the past I didn’t give much thought about where the chunk of meat on my plate came from. Now we know that the protein we eat is most likely raised in a dirty, cramped industrial building with no sunshine and fed food that promotes fast growth. I think how different things are now that when my grand parents were around. I’m sure if we had to come home from work and “ring” a chicken’s neck we all might be vegetarians. I think in the long run my grandparents had it right, raising a small herd/ flock of farm animals allowing them to graze in the fresh air, and sunshine caring for them because someday that chicken, cow, pig or etc would nourish them. I hope change will happen with our food supply, wouldn’t it be great to raise our own veggies, chickens, pigs and cows knowing that our livestock are raised with all the good stuff and in turn would nurture my family and those around us.

Productive Day.
What a productive day here at the farm! Seven quail eggs from my ten quail and ½ dozen chicken eggs! You go girls!!

I took 3 rabbits out of the freezer (I butchered them last summer) thawed them, marinated them in Italian dressing then snuggled them in the big pressure cooker with a couple quartered onions, garlic, green peppers and some other herbs. Pressured them at 15 pounds for 15 minutes and the meat was falling off the bone and the broth smelled some kinda good! I took the meat off the bone and shredded it for casseroles….” Chicken casseroles” that’s what I’m telling the family…they will never know the difference!

No one on the whole internet mentioned that quail are stinky creatures! Most probably because we have hay in the bottom of the coop to keep them warm and it collects the stinky stuff. Now YOU know what I didn't. Pee-uu!