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  1. Ray_n_Debi
    We have been raising chickens for over 15 years. My husband and I both grew up around chickens, he grew up on a farm, I grew up in suburbia and my family raised a small flock of chickens. We bought our first chickens from a rural flea market from an elderly man that just had a passion for chickens. I bought a mix of RR Reds, Barred Rocks and Ameraucanas. His chicks were healthy strong and beautiful. I went back several more times and bought chicks from him, that is when I received my first Araucana (that is when the addiction started). I didn't know what she was we just called her 'no butt'. She was clean faced, rumpless and loved to set on eggs. She would hatch a bunch, then when they were a few weeks old she would start setting again. You could move her away, move her to another pen, move her by herself, take away the eggs, didn't matter she would find a clump of dirt or piece of a branch and set on it. I went back several more times hoping to get some more but I could never find the elderly man anymore, no one had seen him in a while.
    I started finding some Araucanas here and there (by now I knew what she was) and the addiction I already had grew stronger. I have currently set up coops to separate colors, although I will probably always have a coop with mixed colors.


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  1. Penny Hen
    Very nice chickens. Check out Resolution's history thread for South American breeds. He covers how the chickens migrated with people from SE Asia through the Polynesian Islands and to South Am. Wonderfully written. Check out the Quechua threads by Yashar and Grannychicks55. Nope, I'm not enabling! Me?

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