Wensday's Coop!
I live in Roanoke City, VA and got started with Backyard Chickens in May 2011. My husband thinks I am nuts but says he must really love me!!! I have 5 chickens, one is a red sex link and one is an Easter Egger. The other 4 - I have no idea what they are. I enjoy wathcing them and giving treats. I think all 5 are now laying and it is so much fun to gather eggs everyday!
This is Millie's EGG!


Here are 2 of my girls when they were little...the one laying down ended up being a Rooster and he found a nice home in Franklin Co. In the front is Topper and in the back is Rascal.
Here they are enjoying a cooked pumpkin!

I also have 2 kids, 2 cats and 2 fish...wonder why I don't have just 2 chickens!