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Materials List:

  • ALL wood (not particle board) Entertainment Center = $35.00
You could also theoretically use an all-wood bookcase. I was looking for ANYTHING half-way pretty and solid wood.

Hardware Store
  • Porcelain Light Fixture - 5 @ $1.49 ea = $7.45
  • Hardware Cloth - 1/4" 2ft x 5ft = $10.38
  • Continuous Hinge - 1 1/16" x 48" = $9.47
  • Plug - $2.78
TOTAL Cost = $65.08

Donated To Me
  • Plexi-glass
  • Scrap wood
  • Extra Wire
  • Electrician (Brother-in-law)
  • Labor (Hubby / Brothers-In-Law)


  1. First we removed the dividers from the 6 "media slots". They were way too tiny to do anything with. Hubby used a Sawsall to carefully remove those.
  2. Divide the main section. It was way too large...the doors hid a full length / width divider for additional media storage. We just removed that divider from the bottom section and used it to divide the "tv" section into two halves.
  3. Install Light Fixtures. My brother in law is an electrician and he wired this up for us. It didn't look difficult but we don't mess with electrical. We had the option to get the fixtures with the little chains to turn the light on or off but since it is a brooder, the light is probably going to NOT be off ...worse case scenario we can decrease the wattage of the bulb to decrease temperature.

  4. Add a lip to any exposed sides to catch shavings.
  5. Plexi was donated and after cutting for the main three sections we didn't have enough pieces to fully cover the big brooders. That side needed ventilation anyways so hubby added a mesh section. Hindsight 20/20 I would have preferred it to be on the side opposite the lite JIC the babies are trying to get away from a draft. For now this is in our garage so a draft won't be an issue.
  6. Add hinges. We purchased regular type hinges and the continuous hinge. The continuous hinge wound up being the best deal and will give a tighter fit on the doors once they are installed.
  7. Add hardware cloth where required.

MOSTLY finished product - Just add doors, shavings and chicks!

Modifications: I would have liked to individually wire the lights into a switch on the side. I didn't want to press my luck with the free electrician though!! The bottom section IS big enough to have made another little brooder out of but for now I'm going to store tubs of feed in there and maybe spare shavings. I'm going to raise it up a bit because the bottom one is REALLY low...maybe add wheels so I can move it around easily. I could have added a linoleum floor but I'm not too worried about the chicks making a mess as long as I keep the bedding clean, this theory may change it the future. It's not "easy" per say to clean out...but hubby said that's what the shop vac is for.
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