Here is my "Chicken Tractor". Took general idea from the "Little Red Hen House" in this book: Chicken Coops: 45 Building Plans for Housing Your Flock by Judy Pangman. I modified it heavily based on reading this book. Fresh-Air Poultry Houses: The Classic Guide to Open-Front Chicken Coops for Healthier Poultry by By Prince T. Woods

I recommend both books, (checked them out from Public Library), but especially the Fresh-Air Poultry Houses. It really reveals what you DON'T need your chicken coop to be. Anyway, here are a few pics:
Here's the coop with our AKC "Chicken Shepherd"

Inside view of roosting pole side of coop. Also illustrates the "Open Air" Philosophy that I ascribe to. Both ends have a hardware cloth window to allow air flow. In Winter I will simply move the coop based on persistent wind conditions so the roof side takes the brunt of the wind

Inside view of watering container and feed bin. Watering Container is simply a pitcher with 2 commercial gravity watering nipples from Farmtek installed in the bottom. No soiled/spilled water! I trained my chicks first day I brought them home on a smaller version. They took to it immediately, and since they have to peck it constantly for water, it REALLY has negated the feather plucking problems I read about. The feed bin is a goat feed bin from Tractor Supply.

Inside view from Roosting Pole side, you can see nest box and feed bin behind "Cutie Pie".


Girls Grazing, and one using the ladder. I since have added some 1 inch diameter tree limbs to help them climb easier.


Nest Box with one of First Eggs from last week! The mat is an outdoor floormat that I cut to fit, they can scratch at it and it feels nesty. No messy straw, and I can spray it clean. The strands stick up and cushion the egg from breaking.. so far anyway..

Let me know what ya'll think!