Chicken Breed Info:
Breed Purpose:
Dual Purpose
Comb: Rose
Broodiness: Seldom
Climate Tolerance: All Climates

General Egg Info:
Egg Productivity:
Egg Size: Medium
Egg Color: White

Breed Temperament:
Wild / restless,Shy

Breed Colors / Varieties:
One variety- Reddish brown feathers with some black.
Breed Details:
Recaps like to forage without the presence of humans. They don't like to be confined or shown. They have a huge rose comb around 3 1/4 inches by around 2 1/2 inches and about half the size in females. Chicks are bright yellow with black on their head and back. They need plenty of space to forage and prefer little or no confinement. They produce lots of eggs every year approximately 200. ***AWAITING PICS***