Redesigned Thrift Store Brooder

By Kristin Brown · Sep 10, 2014 · ·
  1. Kristin Brown
    While out thrifting for treasures, I found a table base for $6. It didn't have a table top, but that was even better because I envisioned it as a chick brooder with a top hatch door. Those boards you see in the mid section were already there too. First, I applied a red stain - such an upgrade from it's original brown! Then I used 1/4 inch hardware mesh and a staple gun to enclose the sides. Here is a photo taken at that point....


    Next, I used scrap 2x4 lumber and hinges/handle I found from around our farm to craft the aforementioned top hatch door. I also used plywood to create a solid floor. The door is not secured permanently to the base because I wanted to be able to take it off completely for easy access to the chicks -and cleaning 360 degrees!


    What a beauty! Here are a few bonus pictures of the first two sets of tenants to occupy this brooder....

    A mama hen and her two babies....



    The second tenants were an order of 50 day old pullers from Murray McMurray Hatchery...


    It was these baby chicks that inspired me to create a roost and built-in double light fixture for heat lamps.

    Total, this brooder cost about $50, ONLY because I bought a huge roll of hardware mesh. However, that is what I love about it. It has excellent ventilation.

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  1. WitchyCatlady
    Nice! Is it easy to clean out?
  2. celticgarden
  3. ChickyChickens
    Nice brooder!
  4. bstromgren
  5. mmmeyer
    looking good
  6. hennible
    Very nice!

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