Redhead83402s Chicken Coop Tractor

By redhead83402 · Jan 11, 2012 · ·
  1. redhead83402

    This is the Chicken Tractor Eggstraordinaire ~ where chickens work for their livelihood ~ and and the kids work for the chickens. To see more highly detailed pics, please Click the Chicken Adventures!

    Here are some ~in use ~ pics ~ IMG_0211_1.jpg


    Here is a close-up of the new locks we put on the door, after we had our little toddler run-in.

    Check out the snow ~ chickens could care less ~ Currently they are scrubbing up the ground for me in the first half of the garden plot.

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  1. StarrWulf
    interesting design. if i might make a couple suggestions? one thing to consider would be to put wheels in the middle so the weight is balanced and then your kids would be able to push it... i have seen tractors where the wheels can be raised so the tractor can sit on the ground. since you already have your setup, another idea would be to put a 'tongue' on your tractor and then use a trailer ''mule'' to pull it... either idea would work. i have the same wheels you have and tried them on my tractor *4x8* but they couldnt hold the weight.... i like your locks... excellent idea.
  2. ASTF11
    thanks from south of france !!
    these are the simplest explanations tobuild a a-frame simple tractor coop i found since i m searching the net!!

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