1. PithyPixel

    A video of my hybrid coop/tractor design

    I've had chickens off and on my whole life. Which means I have lost my fair share of birds to predators. I haven't lost a bird yet with my latest hybrid coop/tractor design. How I Designed my Hybrid Coop/Tractor It's still a work in progress, but I would love feedback.
  2. buffy-the-eggpile-layer

    Best methods for attaching wheels to a chicken tractor

    Hi, all. I'm going to build a chicken tractor in the near future. Probably a rickshaw looking thing with an elevated coop + a run that goes in front of and underneath the coop (something with a similar shape to this, probably...
  3. HomesteaderEd

    Our chicken tractor from recycled meterials

    Hello all! New here and just wanted to make an official first post. Our chicken tractor was built by my 12 year old daughter and I over a few weekends. Its entirely constructed from reclaimed materials. We used things like pallet wood, some scrap wood and fencing we found, and a few milk...
  4. gummunq

    Maxine's tractor

    This chicken tractor cost about $100 in materials. It is a very small tractor (3' x 6' footprint) and houses no more than 3 regular-sized chickens.
  5. Large Portable Chicken Coop

    Large Portable Chicken Coop

    It was a huge step to get our chickens out of the barn and on the pasture. The chickens are so happy to get moved once a week to a new spot. I wish you could hear there happy noises.
  6. Pinkalicous Duck Tractor

    Pinkalicous Duck Tractor

    Hi there, This is my duck house I built for my daughter. Building this duck house, I felt like I reinvented the wheel sometimes and even now, I’m thinking if I were to do it again, how I would do it differently. My thoughts on building it were to have a secure house that opened via a door on...
  7. Mobile Hen House

    Mobile Hen House

    List of dimensions: Floor – 8’x12’ Rear Deck – aprox 8’x2’ Cattle Panels – 3 at 12’ (purchased 16’, then cut them down to 12’) Green-treat boards – 4 at 2x8x14’ Pallets - 9 at 40” wide My coop is very special to me, and I am so thankful and proud of my family who persevered with me to...
  8. Barn Tractor (Mobile Home)

    Barn Tractor (Mobile Home)

    This tractor was adapted from a design by an intern at the Kerr Center in Poteau, OK. The design is pretty neat with panels that can be opened to allow access to the inside of the coop from the rear, and from inside the run. The original design was a little smaller than I wanted so I scaled it...
  9. Sadie Lane brooder/tractor

    Sadie Lane brooder/tractor

    Originally, I wanted to build my own brooder for out in the barn so that I wouldn't have to borrow a neighbor’s anymore. Three cats & three dogs at home - and me at work all day made the idea of brooding in the house a no-go. Last year I borrowed one that was essentially a big, long box on...
  10. Reclaimed Chicken Coop

    Reclaimed Chicken Coop

    The coop was build out of reclaimed wood I found around town. Pallets, fencing and odds and ends. The only cost was the hardware which was about $150 total. We have 8 chickens; 2 Americanas, 2 Australorps, 2 Barred Rocks and 2 Road Island Reds. This was when I thought i was only going to...
  11. Chicken Menagerie

    Chicken Menagerie

    In late Spring of 2012 I found myself obsessing over chickens, and the hubby finally gave in when he saw the neighbors had a tractor that allowed them to range but be protected from predators. And so I began my quest. I researched and researched, reading everything I could find and finally...
  12. The Wee Kirk Coop

    The Wee Kirk Coop

    My wife and daughters took me on Pittsburgh’s 2012 “Chicks in the Hood” tour. Prior to taking the tour, we agreed that if we heard the chickens or smelled the coops before we saw them we would not obtain our own “flock.” We were pleasantly surprised. I began researching the type of coop that...
  13. Bantam House

    Bantam House

    The Bantam House This coop was the second coop my dad and I built because the first one turned out so well. We also decided to build this coop because we wanted to get some bantam chickens. This coop is my favorite because I helped more with the design and over all look of the coop as well...
  14. Coup D Etat

    Coup D Etat

    Coup d'Etat General Description Coup d'Etat is a chiken tractor that I recently built for my 4 year old daughter (right). She personally selected the colors (purple on purple !). The coop features 40 square feet of “grazing” area, 15 sq. ft. of enclosed coop, and 4 sq. ft. of nesting...
  15. Little chicken wagon to move them from the run to the garden

    Little chicken wagon to move them from the run to the garden

    My five chooks have a nice large coop and secure run, but we like to take them to our overgrown vegetable garden so they can play around and gorge themselves on veggies and bugs. However, it's about 200 feet, and the young rooster gets worried if I carry them one or two at a time... so, I needed...
  16. Bgs Little Egg Factory

    Bgs Little Egg Factory

    My quest for eggs began about 7 months ago when I received an email from Lowes featuring a small chicken coop plan. The price for the materials alone was over $500 and the coop would only hold 2-3 hens. I began to look on-line for more plans and discovered a mass of information and plans galore...
  17. $100 Diy Portable Coop

    $100 Diy Portable Coop

    For just $100 in lumber and supplies, and a few hours, we DIYed this coop for four hens with 10 square feet of covered coop space, 40 square feet of run (with rain cover)! This is a fast, economical but very functional coop that is portable. We just needed a super basic and...
  18. On Golden Coop

    On Golden Coop

    I spent about a year reading about coop designs and ventilation and feeders and waterers and pr editors before I approached my husband about building this chicken tractor. We used his carpentry skills and except for the hardware cloth that we penned it in with and the screws and hinges we used...
  19. Hen Hideout

    Hen Hideout

    My wife has always liked chickens, and I of course have always liked eggs. So what’s the problem? Well, we happen to live in an ‘undisclosed’ area of Virginia where chickens ist verboten, even though our house sits on over an acre of prime chicken range. This year we decided to go into...
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