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By roginc · Apr 13, 2013 · Updated Apr 13, 2013 · ·
  1. roginc
    The coop was build out of reclaimed wood I found around town. Pallets, fencing and odds and ends. The only cost was the hardware which was about $150 total. We have 8 chickens; 2 Americanas, 2 Australorps, 2 Barred Rocks and 2 Road Island Reds.

    This was when I thought i was only going to have 4 chickens. When
    ended up with 8 because my daughter wanted the "Ones that lay
    the blue eggs." And we bought a few extra for fear we would lose

    A few to the boy or the dog.

    This is where the nesting box sits attached to the bottom run area.

    The design of the coop was primarily determinate by what wood I was able
    to find. Thus the "Stair Step" of the top of the coop.

    Showing the ladder to the top.

    You can see in this photo where I have started to "Skin" the living
    area of the coop with fence planks I found.

    Building of the top of the coop support beams.

    This is the bottom of the coop and the run area. The whole area
    is wrapped in 1/2 inch hardware cloth.

    The finished product. I have 2 doors on the top and 2 doors
    on the bottom "Run" area. I have wheels that I got the design
    from the "Hen Hideout" by CovertChickOps. After moving the
    coop to the backyard for the first time I WILL be adding a second
    set of wheels. The roof is topped with Tuftex PolyCarb which is
    one of the most expensive parts of the coop. They are $35.00
    per panel and I have 2. The hardware mesh was another expensive
    part of the coop. Each roll is about $40.00 at Lowes and I had 2 rolls.

    The Girls.

    Natural roosts.

    3 Nesting boxes.

    Here is a picture of the nesting boxes from the outside.
    It has a large bench hinge on the bottom for easy opening
    and cleaning of the boxes.

    Nice shot of the hardware wire and the ventilation of the coop.

    Little pop door on the back of the coop.

    The 2X4s you see attached here are for easy moving of the coop
    and will be removed.

    Doors open.


    If I had to do it again, I am not sure I would use reclaimed wood. It took me weeks
    to break down the pallets and remove all the nails and staples in the wood.

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  1. ronott1
    "Nice Pallet and recycled wood coop"
    3/5, 3 out of 5, reviewed Jul 6, 2018
    More build details--sketches and a parts list would make the article better


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  1. roginc
    You were right the middle one is a very handsome rooster now!
  2. powersurbanfarm
    X2 on farmerChef's comment. It took me a while to get back here, and I am glad I read the last post since I was about to type the exact same thing. Straight run is tricky. One of my first chicks was a bantam mottled cochin that was my favorite (when i would pick them up at night to put them in the coop, it would snuggle into my arm and sigh) and it was a roo. I was very sad to have to give it up. Don't get too attached until you know who the girls are.
  3. farmerChef
    he has a larger, redder comb, and the barring is lighter in color than the pullet.
  4. roginc
    This is my first time to have chickens so I am learning. We have done some research since powersurbanfarm said we might have a rooster. And I DO think that she is correct. We might even have a few others that are roosters. When we let them out of the coop they are behaving like Roosters.
    Thanks for the Compliment on the coop. It was my first time for a coop and my first major build project. I spent a lot of time on this website looking at coops and researching what I wanted to do.
    I will be adding some new feed and watering systems in a few weeks.
  5. AdirondackChick
    LOL! My hubby wanted to buy the straight run from the local hardware store, was going to surprise me and bring them home... thinking he would save me the wait for getting them in the mail. Once I explained to him "STRAIGHT RUN" he was SOOOO glad that he did not do that! LOL!
    Your coop is great! I am so into recycling what you have and only buying what you absolutely need! Time and effort removing all those nails and staples sure did pay off! You have a great home for your Chickens! I don't dare to call them girls right now! LOL! great job and lots of info!
  6. roginc
    Thanks for the Compliment. These are straight runs so I may have a few roosters. What makes you think this one may be a rooster? I think one of my Americanas may be a rooster too. I would not mind a rooster but in my area they frown on them.
  7. powersurbanfarm
    Very cute little coop. I hate to burst your bubble (and I am no expert), but I am pretty sure the chick in the middle is a boy. Sorry...unless you want a roo...

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