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Plant City, FL

Home of Absooolutely GEN-U-INE Redneck Chickens and specializing in supplying dem dar city folk and wannabe fermers wif all natural, no preservatives added, backyard egg lay'n machines.

Chicks and Pullets usually always avail. at all times, breeds vary so check with me.


NO LAYING HENS AVAIL. AT THIS TIME, YA GOTTA GROW YER OWN! But we git you off to the right start!

Barnyard mixes and mutts also avail, as well as some Show Quality Birds.


Hatch'n Eggs sometimes avail. (ya gotta sit on em awhile)


Redneck Alarm Systems avail in the spring (Giant African Vulture Quail -at least thats what I tell dem city folk dey are, they are really GUINEAS) ;)


Avail. Sunday, Mondays and Tuesdays, 5pm to 9pm for chick/egg pick ups. PRIVATE FARM-by appt. only. Email with ph number and I WILL call in the evening. We may be REDNECK but we enforce strict BIO-SECURITY measures and ask that you DO NOT TOUCH or HANDLE our birds. You touch it, you BUY IT, we mean it! Also having horses and dogs and a few angry roosters we ask that you keep your children within arms reach of you all times, WE ARE NOT A PETTING ZOO! If you are sick-STAY HOME-more than happy to hold chickens for you till you are well. Thanks!