Remembering the Passed

A memorial for your beloved birds who have passed.
  1. SilkiesInSuburb
    Hey, guys. I know every one of us has seen a bird pass away, whether it be of age, sickness, or predator. This article is a memorial. Feel free to post about your beloved birds who have sadly left us.

    I'll start it off. I have seven chickens, all silkies. I used to have nine. This article is the memorial, of sorts, to one of the chickens who passed away: Hamlet.

    Hamlet passed away today. I walked outside to see him on his side, flopping and opening his mouth like a fish. I quickly rushed him out, and he passed away in my arms. My brother and I were devastated. He wasn't even sick. It is a very sad day today, and unfortunately I don't have more to add on the story since this is happening right now. Hamlet was a very "chill" rooster, he wouldn't run from you if you went to grab him. He had beautiful, shiny green feathers covering his lovely black feathers, and his little red bow-tie on his No-Crow collar finished his "gentleman" look and appearance. He was very kind to the ladies, and very promiscuous! He will be missed by everybird.
    IMG_0851.JPG Him as a little chick. IMG_1694.JPG Hamlet is on the bottom. He was very forgiving!
    Hammy as a handsome little gentleman.

    Like I said earlier, feel free to post about your loved birds who have passed. Everyone's story is accepted.

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    I am SilkiesInSuburb. I write articles and keep silkies, aka the bestest chickens ever.
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  1. chicks are life
    Awesome boy very pretty!!!!
    1. SilkiesInSuburb
      Thank you. I unfortunately lost another boy today, my sweetie Carl.
    2. chicks are life
      What happened?
    3. SilkiesInSuburb
      He choked to death, and I was too late to save him.

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