Respiratory illness and how to treat it~~~~ overgrown beaks- how to trim

By ChickenLover200 · Sep 29, 2015 · Updated Oct 5, 2015 ·
  1. ChickenLover200
    I am devoting myself to creating articles on topics that i have had problems finding answers for at the spur of the moment. I hope my articles are somewhat helpful to those new and old to chickens.

    Respiratory illness:
    In this article i am going to describe the lives of two of my girls. Both Silkie hens.

    Connie: "runt of the flock".
    Symptoms: mild sneezing every so often, bubbly eye in which she is blind. She has had these symptoms since she was a little chick.

    Debbie: " largest of my four Silkies"
    Symptoms: developed a constant sneezing after spending a few days standing in the rain for a few hours. These symptoms occured when Debbie reached age 2.

    My newest case of respiratory illness:
    Andie "another of my Silkies"
    Symptoms: sneezing, bubbles/liquid in eyes

    Treatment: a chicken vet advised us to rub VetRX on Connieand mix with her water. Symptoms never improved and from my research Respiratory Illnesses are never completely curable. We eventually quit using VetRX until Debbie developed symptoms and we treated her the same as Connie. Unfortunately, the VetRX only relieved the symptoms partially and one day, i found Debbie dead. Connie is still alive and well, and i am sure she probably is a carrier of the illness but my hens that are kept with her have developed a tolerance to the illness. I think the VetRX helped Connie to not have anymore symptoms developed but she will always have the symptoms mentioned above.
    My reccomendation is to use the VetRX. Even if it does not completely get rid of the illness it can still maybe save your chicken. If it doesn't, you at least know you did something to help.

    Overgrown beaks? No problem! My silkie Thud had an over grown beak once. I was told to use nailclippers to trim just the very tips of the beak to a somewhat regular length. It is not at all hard to do but you MUST be careful not to trim the beak too short! You should have one person hjold the chicken for you during tis procedure. If you do not feel comfortable trimming yourself, you can hold the chicken while someone else does this. Just remember not to trim too short.

    Do not confuse cross beaks with an overgrown beak. This is not the same. I do not have experience with crossbeaks so you should make sure to do your own research. Remember if you think you cannot handle a sickness with your chicken, call a vet.

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