My name is Tony, I've raised and kept many different birds as well as other animals over the past couple decades. Right now I have a beagle with seperation anxiety, a 3 year old daughter and a 2 year old son. I'm currently hoping to get a place where I can have birds again, I have my eye on a nice little 25 acre farm close to Manhattan if the lotto ever pulls through, but also looking for someone within a few miles that has an unutilized building and a small patch of ground they would rent. Thanks for all the advice anyone may give to my posts and I hope my insight is useful to you.

Interested in many things and tend to drift between interests. But, ornamental pheasant, quail, pigeons (Parlor Roller,Pygmy pouters, and Giant Breeds),Ringneck doves, ornamental ducks and geese (woody's, Mandriens, Calls, WF tree ducks, Nene & Egyptain geese), chickens (banty & standard, fancy & utility), and genetics and crossing such as sex links, blues, and show girls are all things that catch my attention. Construction and design of coops, pens, incubators, ect. also catches my interest from time to time.

Some things I've picked up on BYC
There are lots of little simple tricks: Unpasturized Unfiltered ACV will improve overall imunity, do not use with galv. waterers , Pumpkin seeds can be used as a wormer, Ground or crushed Cayenne pepper (depending on where it's used) will keep rodents out of feed and bedding, urge the chickens to mix up deep litter, and it's said to shorten the winter pause in laying, and some black oil sunflower seeds added to the ration in cold weather will help your birds produce more body heat to keep warm. I've also heard that watermelon will help lower bodytemps on hot days. I've never tested any of these personally (though I plan to in the future) but have read all of this on BYC and if they work it would really help cut back on chemicals.