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Something to remember if it an't mohogany red it isent real road island red great layers the best i've ever had click here to order day old chicks. WE DO SEX OUR CHICKS SO PICK WHAT GENDER HENS ARE $0.25 MORE, ROOSTERS ARE $-0.25 . Here are some details: The road island red was developed in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. It came from the Malay breed, because of this, Rhode Island Reds attained their deep color. Rhode Island Reds can produce 200 to 300 eggs per bird in a twelve-month laying period and begin laying early as well plus my birds have layed A XLARGE EGGS i was traind to grade and rate eggs. Can have a single or rose comb. This beautiful breed does everything exceptionally well. They lay very well, they can be used for meat, and they are very cold hardy and also hardy in the heat. ***Interesting fact- This breed is actually rhode island's state bird!Roosters are mean almost always but great birds if you can tame them and hens may try to set very agressive as mothers so please discurage here for hatching eggs. To order or get info shoot me an email put in bold letters order to order and i'll send you a form to fill out if you want info shoot me an email with your questions once you place your order i will tell you wether i can fill it or not if not your order will be sent back with a date that that order can be filled.