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Roll Out Nest Box

By SmokinChick · Jan 11, 2012 · ·
  1. SmokinChick
    A big thank you to Opa for the plans and the ideas.
    Added a drop of yellow glue to the bottom of the ramps to hold them. 12"x24"x1/4" pressboard for the nest floor then the nest pad, 2 ea per nest.
    Used landscap fabric for the curtain. Opa says it may keep the hen from looking for her egg. Fabric is soft and flimsy, but strong and doesn't fray. Like fiberglass.
    Added some pipe insulation to the back wall
    The boxes are 12" of the floor. Hopefully the hens won't have a problem with this? Might add a privecy curtain and paint the inside black if the girls hesitate.
    Just gotta wait for eggs now. Eggcited.

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  1. FlyWheel
    Yes, please rwll us where you got the AstroTurf.I like the way it has holes in the bottom. Makes it easier to clean, just take it out and spray it off.
  2. airmechreed
    Where do you purchase the grey nest material?

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