Round O Round Up

By Stokley · Jul 23, 2013 · Updated Dec 25, 2013 · ·
  1. Stokley
    Moved here from Wisconsin May 2/2013 and loving it.

    2013/12/19 Finally got my first egg -yahoo! 2013/11/10 One of the hens crop is starting to get redder so I think it's getting close. Nests are ready and opened. 2013/11/05 The guy I gave 6 chicks to reports they are already laying but mine are not even close. He has a mature rooster and I have only the male chicks that came with the group. 2013/08/11 Found one of my chicks lying dead in the run this morning. Could not see anything to explain a problem. Noted that a spot on the chest and back of the neck was bald but no skin breaks or blood. No breaks or holes to explain a predator and my game cam showed no movement outside the coop & run. I thought it might be something s/he ate during their free range time yesterday. Any thoughts? [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] 2013/07/31 The comment Brookliner added always says "Loading" and I cannot seem to add my own comments or how to upload pictures from an iPad. Contacted support a few days ago but have yet to receive a reply. I'd appreciate any help anyone can offer. 2013/07/26 Got a Primos Truth Cam 35 and set it up last night. Closest tree to the coop was 50 feet but I got 100 pictures. However, they were all of me doing the morning chores for the chicks but good clear pictures which surprised me from that distance. I'd like to add some pictures but don't see any way to do that. Will someone help me out with this? 2013/07/23 Scat found outside of coop. I'll look into cameras to check on this. Any recommendations will be much appreciated. 2013/07/22 Somehow a 5 foot snake got into the coop and started swallowing one of the chicks. The snake has 4 dark stripes and a light belly. I concluded that it was a chicken snake (Rat Snake). Tightened up the doors with latches and added a plank under the door to block the gap. Run structure completed with 1/2 " hardware cloth on walls and under the floor sand. Chicks allowed to try the outdoors and 6 of them seem to love it. 2013/07/01 26 peeps hatched by a friend. Picked them up 7/4 and put them in a Watermelon box donated by Walmart. Coop and run about 3/4 done. Gave away 6 chicks to a friend to lower my count to 20. One chick has a swollen eye, glazed over and mostly closed. Using tetracycline. Chick brooder box and light moved into the coop. Opened a door from the brooder box to the rest of the coop to give them more room. [​IMG]

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  1. Stokley
    I see I can now add comment. Thanks for the response. I did use 1/2 " hardware cloth on all the non-wood walls and under the coop and run down about 6 inches with sand then hay on top of it.

    It's been awhile now and I have not had anymore predators get in, leave signs or even show up on my game cam.
  2. Brookliner
    Make sure you have used 1/2" hardware cloth to cover any openings and your run. Otherwise you are leaving your chicks open to predators.

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