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By RusticDreamer · Apr 30, 2012 · Updated May 7, 2012 ·
  1. RusticDreamer
    Started 4/29 - still updating (and learning):

    What I'm looking for: [​IMG]

    Eggs for hatching - chickens - particularly Dark Brahmas
    ducks - muscovy and white peking
    turkeys - prefer bourbon reds - no BBs please
    geese - specifically white sebastopol - at least one pair
    game birds (no particular breeds, at the moment)
    Self-Sufficient/Homesteading books and/or magazines
    Storage containers (preferrably plastic) for pantry dry goods and/or freezing
    Canning jars - all sizes
    Incubator(s) - small ones, that will fit on a table top, etc.
    Empty plastic planters (like from the nurseries, the ones plants come in) ALL sizes
    Beehive starter kit or similar and/or plans/books etc.
    Staples (for any wire, rabbit, chicken, barb, etc.)
    Fake owl for outside (the ones that ward off predator birds)
    Pressure canner/cooker 16qt or larger
    Food dehydrator - preferrably with 5 trays
    Meat grinder attachment that fits Kitchenaid mixer

    New or used is fine for the appliances as long as they work well!

    *I'll add more later...


    I will post some more pics of other items as soon as I get them loaded...I've got all kinds of stuff laying around...

    Several vintage and newer glassware sets
    Banana split dishes
    Malt/Shake glasses
    Hardcover Reader's Digest
    New Stuffed Animals

    but for now....

    I sew (I can also applique/embroider) all kinds of children's clothing (jon jons, pillowcase dresses, pettiskirts/tops, birthday outfits, matching sets, etc.), baby bibs, blankets, burpees, etc., baby gifts like diaper cakes and wreaths!

    I also bake!


    Ready to eat Jar cakes...


    .Gourmet marshmallows....

    Mostly desserts or breads...cookies, cupcakes, etc.

    I'm willing to talk if you've got something to swap/sell! [​IMG]

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