On Saturday July 15th, the first time we let our 22 chickens free-roam our property, I let our dog out. I was busy preparing for a family reunion and completely forgot our chickens were outside their enclosure. Our dog killed 18 of our beautiful 10wk old chickens in less than half an hour. It was heartbreaking (to say the least). We had some really nice birds, many that had really neat personalities. They will be missed.
Needless to say... the dog and the chickens will no longer be free-roaming the property at the same time!
The four survivors: the Professor (Chantecler rooster) Amelia, Ginger (Chantecler pullets) and Mary-Anne (Barred Rock pullet)


We're hoping the two pullets will provide us with some chicks next year to replenish those that we lost. Only one Barred Rock pullet survived.
On August 14th another batch of day-old chicks arrive for us at our local feed store - 14 more Barred Rock (straight run) and 12 Black Star Hybrid pullets.