This is the beginning of our Chicken Kindom of sort. I will be posting more pics along with stories behind each picture a little later on, but for now enjoy.

Planning out for the new little ones, nice hard rocky dirt. We decided to go with a skid type foundation rather than pouring concrete or laying block, and it kept our cost down quite a bit also. We used 2 6x8's 12 feet long treated placed them on a bed of rock for drainage.

My sister in law waiting in the shade, foundation coming along very nice we used 2x10x12's treated lumber and topped the foundation with 3/4 plywood for strength, I'm very thankful for the nail gun, made short work of the hammer job. Here you can see the skids, they saved a lot of digging and were very easy to get leveled.

Wall are going up quickly, lots of wood in this one, studs are set 16'' apart, and vinyl has been put down.

First window being installed, a cheap one from returns @ local hardware store. We ended up using 1/2 inch T-111 because we plan on fully insulating the interior and this also helped save a little on the cost, but kept the building very sturdy.

My brother the carpenter (which I'm not) putting up the A frame roof, this changed from the slant roof we had first thought of putting in, but due to the amount of snow we get, it was easier and better to go with the A frame.

Roof vent being added, had a few condensation issues, but after this was installed dry as a bone!

Went with the upgraded roof insulation for condensation problem, now solved

Front view with the $10 door from Habitat, insulated door but allows nice sun inside.

Another view from the front and side area, we used 2 coats of stain and also wrapped the entire perimeter of the bottom in hardware cloth buried to ensure nothing could dig under the coop and no lost chickens.

Front view showing the upper vents, with easy pull cords to open and close quickly.

Steps are now installed, we plan on dressing up the front when spring comes, a little mulch and landscaping will do.

We decided to go with a sturdy front door and upgraded lock.

Here is a close up picture of the lock, which we will have a master lock installed to keep everyone safe.

The run attached to the coop with a nice cool water front view of the creek for the girls to enjoy.

The run is now finished, hardware cloth all around buried 18 inches deep with rock and a nice clear heavy duty paneled roof to allow nice sunshine in. We used over 3000 staples in the installation of the hardware cloth.

Pop door with ramp, I used left over J channel to make the door slide easier, and it is attched with a cord and pulley system so we can open from the front door area.

Sort of a play area for them when they get bored, a dust bath and I will place one of those treat balls for extra entertainment.


We call this the detention/recovery area, with the poop board on top, again a nice find @ the local Habitat store, the poop board ended up being 9 feet long by 24 inches deep, and the perch is over 8 feet a 2x4 turned on it's side for comfort.

We installed the 2x4 on it's side and also have it where I can take it up with ease for cleaning and such.

Almost 9 feet in length, should hold enough of our large heritage breeds.

We left this area for storage of feed and supplies.


Homemade waterer for when or if we take any long trips,I also have a 4 gallon plastic waterer, but this one will be used in the warmer months, it has it's own float to ensure fresh water every day connected to the water hose.

The feeding stations, 3 for feed one for oyster shell and I'll add another for grit a little later on.

6 box nesting box, Yes it is huge, but you never know when chicken math may hit me again, right now 15 will share the community boxes.

Ramp for the big girls to use up to the perch area.

My beautiful wife smilling (hoping everything is finally finished) showing the screen door for the inside of coop area

Another window for cross breezes in the summer and nice ventalation for the rest of the year, fully painted, and insulated everything and topped with 1/2 inch plywood and caulked everthing I could find to caulk.

After viewing other coops, we decided to install this perch for some to look outdoors when it does get cold.


Finished finally, everything matches exsisting buildings.
Added the extra run area to give the girls some grass and needed space.


And now for the introduction of the "girls" aka the sweet 16
Top girl......Astrid our Barred Rock!

Ripple/Barred Rock...sister to Astrid

Martha/ daughters chicken

Elizabeak/Delaware....another one of my daughters favorite chickens.

Flossie one of our Silver Laced Wyandottes...Love her lacing!

Camilla Milla/SLW sister to Flossie girl...such a sweetie

Miss Flo/Speckled Sussex...A little flighty but loves the treats!

Gidget/Speckled Sussex sister to Flo...sweetheart!!

PolyEster/EE Look at that beard!!!

Penelope/EE funniest bird ever!

Pochahontas/EE our little special chick, she's a little slow but we love her anyways.

Waddles/Buff Orpington...a big ol lap chicken if you've ever seen one!

Summer/Buff Orpington sister to Waddles..another big ol lap chicken too!

Scarlett/Partridge Rock..these girls have suprised me how great they can forage and find things.

Billy Jean/Partridge Rock sissy to Scarlett and Elanor Rigby

Elanor Rigby/Partridge Rock biggest of the 3 sisters.