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  1. Clubber1234
    Serves 2 People
    3 large eggs(chicken's eggs).
    A handful of freshly picked wild garlic.
    Knob of butter or margarine.
    A pinch of salt.
    A pinch of pepper.
    Brown sauce.
    Toast 2/3.
    Big Splash of Milk .
    Crack eggs in to a small basin and whisk together, add salt, pepper, and milk whisk thoroughly set aside.
    Get a saucepan and heat some butter (or margarine)on a low heat wait until sizzling then pour eggs in to the saucepan continue stirring constantly.
    Meanwhile put some toast under the grill or in a toaster brown on both sides.
    Butter and keep warm.
    By now the eggs should be ready.
    Spread on the toast.
    Chop the garlic up and sprinkle on the toast squirt brown sauce on to the plate next to the toast ENJOY!

    Hope you All like this recipe if you want another one like it just ask below in the comments.

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  1. Clubber1234
    Sorry posted that three times
  2. Clubber1234
    Um not really sure u could try lemon curd!
  3. Clubber1234
    Um not really sure u could try lemon curd!
    1. sadfacethehen
      Nah I find that a bit yucky,or maybe havent found the right recipe yet.
      How do you like to eat youir eggs mostly?
      Clubber1234 likes this.
    2. Clubber1234
      I like them fried mostly
  4. Clubber1234
    Um not really sure u could try lemon curd!
  5. sadfacethehen
    What other Eggy recipes do you have??
  6. sadfacethehen
    Hi!! I was just reading your article and I wish I had some ransoms right now.
    Something to look forward to in the spring!!!
    Later on in the year Elderberry Cordial is delicious!!!!
    Hope you are well!!!
  7. Clubber1234
    Molasses dates and apples stewed together barbecue sauce
  8. Texas Kiki
    What is brown sauce?

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