~Docile breeds~

  1. Clubber1234
    These are the different breed of
    chickens that are friendly and loving, all chickens are, but some more than others.
    This article goes through chickens that I have found docile and kind.
    • Breed:Silkie
    • Personality:kind, loving, good mothers, good child's chicken.
    • Egg color: Cream or tinted
    • Country of origin:china
    • Use: showing
    • Comb type:walnut
    • Colour:buff, blue, black, splash, partrige, gray, white.
    • Pic: IMG_20181113_174917.jpg
    • Breed pekin Bantam
    • Personality:docile, friendly, good child's chicken.
    • Egg color: Cream
    • Country of origin:china
    • Use: Ornamental
    • Comb type: single comb
    • Colour:black, blue, buff, cuckoo, mottled, barred, Columbian, lavender, partridge, white, birchen, silver partridge.
    • Pic: IMG_20180615_181105.jpg
    • Breed:White leghorn
    • Personality:docile, needs alot of attention.
    • Egg color: White
    • Country of origin:Italy
    • Use: egg production
    • Comb type:single or rose
    • Colour:white
    • Pic: IMG_20181211_142602.jpg
    • Breed: Orpington
    • Personality:Kind, friendly, docile.
    • Egg colour:Light brown
    • Country of origin: United Kingdom.
    • Use:Egg production
    • Comb type:single
    • Colour:Blue, black, buff, white, Chocklate, gold, lavender, lemon, red.
    Pic: IMG_20171204_191526_01.jpg
      • Breed: Araucana
      • Personality:Kind, friendly, docile.
      • Egg colour:Green/blue
      • Country of origin: Chile
      • Use:broody
      • Comb type: pea and single.
      • Colours:Black, Blue, wheaten, Brown, red, Buff, Silver, , White.
      • Pic: IMG_20190111_100300.jpg
        • ~Hope the article is informative to you~

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    I live on an allotment with my dog daisy and my chickens.
    I have had chickens since I was five.
    The breeds I have at the moment are ISA browns, Light Sussex, Rholde rock, Buff orpington serema bantam and silkies.
    My dog daisy is a Jack Russell.
    My name is Laura.
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