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    ...........The archives..........


    Age:1 year
    Personality:kind, gentle.
    Rank princess
    Username @Clubber1234

    Name: Elizabeth
    Age:2 years
    Gender: Female
    Breed:Buff Orpington
    Personality:kind, gentle, strong.
    Family:Any Princess's and Princes.
    Username Clubber1234

    Name poppy
    Age:9 months.
    Breed:Buff Orpington
    Personality:friendly,kind, forgiving.
    Rank prince
    Other: Rooster for midnight.
    Picture:black tail, White head, black body.
    Username: @Clubber1234

    Name: lavender (lav)
    Age:21 chicken years.
    Breed: lavender Orpington.
    Personality:kind, friendly, daring.
    Rank: prince.
    Other:Yoyles rooster
    Picture:light blue white specks.
    Username: @Clubber1234


    Name: Shadow
    Age: 5 years
    Gender: Female
    Breed: Dutch Bantam
    Personality: TBP
    Family: None
    Rank: Knight
    Other: Beautiful

    Jet black with a white spot over her ice blue eyes single comb that is rosey color
    Username: NFB

    Name: Viper
    Age: 2 years
    Gender: pullet
    Breed: RIR
    Personality: TBRP
    Family: None
    Rank: Scavenger
    Other: None
    Bright red everywhere, single comb, amber eyes
    Username: NFB


    Name: Moonshine
    Age: Pullet
    Gender: Female
    Breed: Serama bantam
    Personality: Kind gentle
    Rank: Princess
    [​IMG]Username: Songbaby33

    Name: Songbaby
    Age: Unknown
    Gender: Female
    Breed: Pekin bantam
    Personality: Kind gentle loving
    Family: None
    Rank: Princess
    Other: She is a house chicken
    Picture: [​IMG]
    Username @SongBaby33[/U

    Name: George
    Age: 1. Year
    Gender: Male
    Breed: Buff Orpington
    Personality: Kind loving
    Rank: Prince
    Other: yellow with shining feathers
    Picture: None
    Username: @SongBaby33



    Age: 9 Months
    Gender: Male
    Breed: NHR
    Chickenality: TBRP
    Family: None
    Rank: Scavenger
    Other: Has a few leg injuries
    Picture: [​IMG]
    Username: @Ducklover2


    Name. Pecky
    Age: 2 years
    Gender: female
    Breed: Barred Rock
    Personality:A firy disposition that often gets her in trouble,she is a smart mouth and gets away with it (most of the time), the royal family only keeps her since her parents were very loyal and kind servants(they were killed in battle)
    Family:Mr. Plymouth ( deceased) Mrs. Plymouth ( deceased) Becky
    Rank: Maid
    Other: -
    Picture:Bright red comb and wattles a ferice looking face,beautiful black barrs across her feathers,a single iridescent blue feather on her back. (Sorry I don't have a picture)

    Age: 2 years
    Breed:Barred Rock
    Personality: sweet and docile the perfect image of her beautiful mother,she loves serving others and helping injured knights
    Family:Mr. Plymouth (deceased) Mrs. Plymouth (deceased) Pecky
    Other: -
    Picture: soft brown eyes pretty black and white feathers,has a single iridescent purple feather on her back,scarlet red comb and wattles,

    Age: 1 year
    Breed:Golden Laced Wyndotte
    Personality:Very skittish and jumpy,but sweet,she is an excellent writer and singer but is to shy to reveal it.
    Family: Unknown (she was left as a chick on the steps to the maid quarters)
    Rank: SongBaby's handmaiden
    Other: -
    Picture:has a sweet face and beautifully laced feathers,green eyes and slim figure, also very graceful In movments

    Age:3 years
    Breed:Leghorn/Easter Egger
    Personality:Very polite and kind,but get his temper up and you're in for a tounge lashing,unusally kind to servants
    Family:Queen Anne,King James (Of the Southern Isle)
    Rank: Prince (Of The Southern Isle)
    Picture: Very handsome,has large brilliant comb and wattles,stunning iridescent blue and purple tail feathers,striking blue eyes and strong build,
    (Don't worry this is my last one lol)


    Name: Sephora
    Age: 8 months
    Gender: Pullet
    Breed: Golden Laced Wyandotte
    Personality: spicEy
    Family: Royal people
    Rank: Queen
    Other: Pharaoh/Queen of a neighboring country. PArents died, so her advisers mainly run the country. She is visiting this country for trade and to see economy.
    Picture: Coming soon
    Username: @9SpiceyChickens

    Name- Magic
    Breed- Asil
    Variety- Spangled
    Gender- Hen
    Age- 8 months
    Rank- Scavenger- murders ppl
    Personality- evil
    Family- nobidies
    Other- murdered 7 chickens so far


    Name: Midnight
    Age: 9 months
    Gender: hen
    Breed: black Australorp
    Chickenality: she is tough, smarty pants and carry’s and emerald dagger (she can make friends with a Princess if you like)
    Family; none
    Rank: scavenger
    Other: she is not afraid of killing people
    Picture: (description) she has green tinged feathers and carry’s an emerald dagger, and dark amber eyes
    Username: Butterscotchbitesfinger

    Name: Cal
    Age: 9months
    Gender: rooster
    Breed: black Australorp
    Chickenality: he is smarmy and funny, he loves his twin sister kind and caring
    Family: Midnight is his twin sister
    Rank: villager
    Other: he is the opposite of his sister
    Picture: (description) he is identical to his twin sister
    User: Butterscotchbitesfinger

    Name: Rose
    Age: 9 months
    Gender: hen
    Breed: pekin bantam
    Chickenality: shy, beautiful, dainty and hates being a proper young lady
    Family: her parents are The duke and dutchess
    Rank: a young Lady
    Other: she is beautiful and yet hates her life
    Description: she is a beautiful red hen with sapphire blue eyes
    Username: Butterscotchbitesfinger

    name: Chloe
    Age: pullet and the youngest
    Gender: hen
    Breed: Belgian d’uccle
    Chickenality: she is calm, quiet and loves to read
    Family: Queen, King, Fern and Songbaby
    Rank; youngest Princess
    Description: she is a mili fluer D’uccle with pretty amber eyes

    @Jessie The Chicken Lover

    I agree to all the rules.
    Is it okay if the chicken is made-up?

    Age: 21 chicken years
    Gender: Female
    Breed: Bubble chicken (made-up breed; has slate blue feathers and is very plump)
    Personality: Fun-loving
    Family: Grandmother bubble chicken [Millie]
    Rank: ?
    Other: Likes to eat cake
    Picture: I will upload a drawing as soon as I can!
    Username: @Jessie The Chicken Lover


    Name: Mipha
    Gender: Hen
    Breed: Mix
    Age: 1 year
    Occupation: maid
    personality: sweet, shy, both parents are unknown, loves to write stories, feels sad and left out a lot, ...
    family: unknown
    (I don't have a pic)
    Looks: Golden yellow with blue spots tipping her feathers, Green eyes with a small half misshapen comb.


    Name: Gent (Gentleman)
    Age: 6 Months
    Gender: Rooster
    Breed: Silver Laced Orpington
    Personality: Silent and brilliant. Normally keeps to himself and doesn't talk much. Very modest and has exceptional manners.
    Family: None
    Rank: Guard
    Other: Rarely speaks
    Picture: [​IMG]
    Username: MysticChickens04


    Name: Trenna
    Age: 13 in chicken years
    Gender: pullet
    Breed: raggedy yokohama
    Personality: spunky, very friendly, positive, smart, adventurous
    Family: unknown
    Rank: servant
    Other: was deserted by her parents as a chick and found alone by one of the royals. She has been a servant for a long time, but doesn't understand why she wasn't chosen to be a normal pullet
    Looks- unusual sparkling blue eyes, small comb
    Username: MillefleurGirl137

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