As fall evolves into winter, winter into spring, spring into summer, and so on, your coop may require modifications for each season. Your coop, which has been converted to maximize the comfort for your flock, needs to be altered for each new season.


Snow is falling, and inside you're nice and toasty. But what about your chickens? To keep your ladies happy and warm when it's cold outside, follow these tips:
  • Install insulation. Make sure that no bare insulation is exposed, as chickens will eat it like cotton candy.
  • Try to reduce drafts by sealing up any cracks.
  • Install a heat lamp to help heat their house. Make sure that the lamp is PTFE (Teflon) free, because Teflon is extremely toxic to chickens. Also make sure to secure the bulb about 2- 3 feet above any roosts. Some chicken owners recommend using a red light to reduce pecking.
  • Some warm oatmeal as a treat helps to warm them up too!!

By now, most snow should be gone and it should be getting into jacket weather. They call it "Spring Cleaning" for a reason. Spring is ideal for:
  • Thoroughly cleaning out the coop (nearly every nook and cranice).
  • Repairing anything that is broken.
  • In some areas, a heat lamp is no longer necessary and may be temporarily removed.

To be continued soon..............