Secret Swap!
Come on down and enter the Secret Swap
Begins: Decemeber 30, 2007
Must enter by: Januaray 15, 2007
Welcome all the the Secret Swap, this is a wonderful way to meet and to get to know every body.
So here how the game goes, send me A PM or E-mail or just Message me on the thread, tell me if your are a minor, no worries young one everyone is welcomed! When you message me I would like you to incude:
-What you would like to recieve.
-What you are going to send.
-And if there is something in particular you would NOT! like to recieve.
Then I will pair you with a buddy and you and your buddy can chit chat get to know eachother, and tell eachother about your self.
Then you and your buddys swap address's and swap your gifts!

Need some gift Idea's?
So you have no idea! what to get your buddy well!, heres some ideas to help your troubles I know all of you would just like to get simpilar thing, so heres some Ideas to keep it sweet and simple!.
-Hats (for you crafty people)
-Hatching eggs (For you hatchoholics)
-Chicken related kitchen ware (for you Chicken fanatics..*cough* *cough* silkiechicken
-Chicken book
-Gift certifcates
Also if there are still alot of people wanting to enter after January 15, I will change the entering date!
I think January 31st would be a good end date for everbody to have there packages shipped out so if everone could have there presents for there buddys out by then would be great!