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    Silkie Serama - Various Colors Created by BoiseBubba
    Breed Information, Comments, and Experience with breed:

    Smallest Chicken Breed In the Universe! Seramas are the smallest breed in the world, they are not a recognized breed though. They come in several varietys, including: Silki-rama,Frizz-arama,No-rump-arama,and boot-arama.This page is about the Silki-rama or Silkie-Serama or Silkie Sri Rama, whatever you prefer to call it. They are very similar to other Seramas, but they have Silkie feathers. They also tend to be slightly smaller than average Seramas. They are a newer variety of Serama, so some aspects of them are still "Under Construction". Such as, the fact that their tales are generally shorter and rougher looking, they do not have the long tail feathers of the smooth feathered Seramas. They are also more sensitive to weather conditions. They are also somewhat calmer than the other Seramas. If you have questions about Seramas, and their varieties, contact me for info. Also, if you would like to own Seramas, contact me and I will help you hook up with a breeder.





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    12 weeks old :)

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  1. chickieshealing
    Do you know where I can get some silkie seramas? Thanks, Erika

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